Sunday, May 18, 2003

An important factor in any development is humility. We, as people, as humans, are a product of many and varied forces. We are also under a great many more forces. We do not master events. Often we do not even master ourselves. And what we leave behind is often negligible. What we should aim to leave behind, and for others, is more than a few whispers or tales. More than some goods to be handed down as earthly souveniers. It is progress through action. Knowledge and understanding through action and intention.

Time is indeed short. The journey long. Everyone must play their part, and give what they can in this global effort for a global world. We can provide for oursleves and others. Yet we do very little if we only live to gain transitory pleasures. There is more important work to be done. Through collective purpose and will. It is no great conspiracy or fairytale. It is working towards our shared evolutionary future. With passion, dedication, honesty, and humility.