Friday, October 31, 2008

Letting Go of Pettiness

I paraphrase what a teacher once said:

'if people focused their energies on being impeccable they wouldn't have time to engage themselves in pettiness. It already takes all our time and energies just to conquer the idiocy in us - and that is what matters. The rest is of no importance.'

The pettiness that exists in all of us; in our actions and our relationships in the world around us can be quite profound. It's mostly because we do not recognise it: it is disguised as 'ordinary life'. It's in the media, the news, the gossip, at work, in the streets. It's almost all that we encounter; after all, life distracts. That's what it does best - it distracts us from ourselves.

We didn't come here for this. We came here to 'be ourselves'; to be the best we are able to be, and to learn how to harness our consciousness to evolve ourselves. What's happening?

It's a maze. Yet perhaps one of the best tools we have for our navigation is our own integrity. We can strive to be impeccable with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us.

We are better than this. We are better than the pettiness that bombards us daily. Let it go...

Let me tell a story:

There were two dervishes traveling together. One of them was old and the other was the younger student. They had traveled together for many years; all the time the younger student believing he was learning to be rightous in the shadow of his teacher. His own belief in value of his actions gave him faith along his Path. One day both travelers came to a river crossing. Yet the water had recently risen and was waist high. At the side of the river was a young attractive lady, sensual yet distressed. She was afraid of water and sought help in crossing.

The younger student immediately shunned her as he felt it was not right for him to touch such a lady who was clearly disreputable. Suddenly, without hesitation, the older dervish picked up the young lady, slung her on his back, and carried the young woman across the river. When he got to the other side he put her down and carried on walking. Not a word was spoken.

The young dervish hurried after his teacher, surprised and bewildered. He could not believe that his teacher, whom he had trusted and followed all these years, could act in such an immodest way. The young man was fuming. He wanted to confront the older man yet knew it best to keep quiet until a suitable moment. All day though the younger student trailed behind the older man, shaking his head and cursing himself for wasting so many years. The whole day went on like this. The younger man's faith was in turmoil. Finally, they came to a place where the older dervish wanted to rest for the night. They sat in silence for a while.

Knowingly, the older dervish finally smiled and said to the younger one: 'Now you can tell me what is on your mind'.

The younger man spilled his day's frustrations and anger; his incredulity at the other's 'non-spiritual' behaviour. When he had finished ranting the older dervish quietly turned to the young man and said:

'I picked that woman up and carried her across the river. When I got to the other side I put her down. But you are still carrying her'

In a way, we all are like Sinbad carrying that old man on his back also. Okay, now on to other things...

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Story So Far...

Much has been happening in the external world, yet within me there has been increased silence. The posting on this blog has been reflective of this. Time for an update.

In the past this blog has posted frequently upon such issues as military technologies & paranormal warfare; mind control; black ops; UFO cover-ups and Disclosure; as well as discussions on spiritual evolution; global consciousness; shamanic practice and DNA programming; and transcendental matters.

This present time - in my understanding - is a 'War of Consciousness'. In brief, the finer energies are impacting upon the heavier energies of our earthly/solar physical dimension as part of a process of cosmic/solar/planetary/individual evolution. Yet this process is not wished by all. There are 'factions of control' that wish to sustain the heavier energies and dismantle the finer energies by anchoring in 'heavy thoughts'. These are thoughts of fear, worry, death, violence, anger, hatred, etc. The current global situation mirrors this process.

On one level it is about oil, resources, and physical global control. On another level - a much more subtle level - it is about creating conditions that produce heavy conscious energy as a barrier/wall against the incoming finer energies.

For this reason I have shifted the emphasis of this blog away from posts that manifest these 'heavier subjects'. There will be no more occult/black ops messages here. I do not wish to distract focus or attention away from what is the prime issue: our evolution.

The evolutionary process will not be halted by these desperate attempts to imprison consciousness. There is too much at stake. The energies of higher vibration have an immense power. According to my intuition, the 'intelligences' behind the evolutionary shift are a step ahead of the game. They know exactly what they are doing - and they are not worried. Neither should we. Just get with the game plan and do our job: that is, to increasingly anchor in the finer, incoming energies. We are needed in order to filter the energies into the physical earth, like transducers. In turn, we will be fine-tuned. Such a perspective can help to shift one's life situation.

I have recently left my promising academic career; moved my location; shifted myself into a space whereby my priorities are aligned with a positive future and not with 'the system'. Wherever I will be, it will be where I was meant to be. That is all I know. I have no knowledge of my future - no crystal ball - just great faith.

I will keep posting on this blog, yet I will leave 'global updates' to others far more qualified than me. There are some wonderful bloggers out there doing a magnificent job. I salute them all.

These days I have less to say. Less to get frustrated about. We all know we are in a prison. My attitude is not to smash against the wall: we were put 'on the inside' for a purpose: to take it apart brick by brick from the inside. We are the dismantlers. Keep the positive: enlarge it, grow it inside like you're a pot of fertilizer; meditate on it; send it out...send it out. And don't believe the hype. Yes, it is bad out there. Rocks are falling and heads will be smashed. Yet everything is in place for something momentous. Crazy, but a great time to be here.

We all know who we are.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty

After seeing this interview with author Naomi Wolf I thought it was important to post it here. Naomi Wolf is a reputable author, critic, and activist, whose work has been taught on many university courses. In this video she is visibly scared at the acceleration of events. Although she discusses the fate of America, I feel this also corresponds to change within the 'bigger picture'.

See also Naomi Wolf's interview with Riz Khan on Al Jazeeri:

Part One and Part Two

Above all - Keep Informed & Stay Positive!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

What is the true purpose of our life?

This question was asked to Billy Meier; interestingly, he answered:

The purpose of our life is for us to evolve - the advancement and continued development of our being at a constant pace to ever higher levels. The purpose of evolution lies within the concept of achieving the highest possible human development, including love, harmony, ability, knowledge and wisdom. Evolution not only serves to bring human entities to a high level of knowledge and wisdom so they may lead a life in harmony with Creation's laws and commandments and the like: Through our evolution we also assist Creation with Its own evolution. Just as humans and nearly all life is in need of evolutionary advancement, so, too, is Creation, the Universal Consciousness. Even Creation is only relatively perfect and It must evolve to ascend to higher forms of Its own existence. And to achieve Its objective, Creation requires human beings who evolve over the course of billions of years into pure-spirit-forms and from these into still higher forms of existence, extending through to the Petale level. There occurs the transition into Creation, into the Universal Consciousness, and transpires the unification, the "becoming one." In this manner Creation assimilates these former human spirit forms, which have by then evolved to their own highest level and which, initially, had originated from Creation in order for It to evolve through these human entities. During their unification with Creation, all the accumulated knowledge and wisdom are also absorbed by Creation, and thus It elevates Its own evolution by a fraction of an iota, and advances some time later into the next higher Creation level. After an incredibly long time, this subsequent Creation continues evolving until it becomes one with the Absolute Absolutum. The Absolute Absolutum is the highest level and all-encompassing form a Creation can attain, and yet even the Absolute Absolutum must continue Its evolution process into all-Great-Time and chronological endlessness.