Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Schumann Resonance

I was recently thinking about the different brain states we pass through during an average day - from waking up, to early attempts to focus ourselves, to creative moments, to relaxation (or stress!), to meditation, to sleep, to deep dreaming - the human brain states have been characterised as four types: delta, theta, alpha, beta.

This got me thinking about what I had heard some time back about the Schumann resonances, which are the spectrum of the natural Earth ELF (extremely low frequency) signals that pulsate between the Earth's crust and ionosphere, and which share some frequencies with our own little human brain. I remember reading about this in Itzhak Bentov's 'Stalking the Wild Pendulum' - a book that I had enjoyed albeit with some reservations about the eagerness of the author and his writing...

Anyway, as I am interested in the effects of electromagnetism (EM) on the human mind + body I was reminded also that this ELF correspondence can be used for understandings in human health.

There is a worthwhile article titled 'The Schumann Resonances and Human Psychobiology' that addresses this idea:

As human beings we have extraordinary potentials we have hardly begun to study, much less understand. Creative gifts, intuitions and talents that are unpredictable or emergent may become stabilised in generations to come. Hopefully, we can learn to understand both our emergence from an essentially electromagnetic environment and facilitate our potential for healing, growth and non-local communication.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Scary Ideas

Science has always hovered uneasily on the fringes of morality and madness - sometimes sane, often innane - or worse: downright dangerous...

Just to keep our ears to the ground, and to learn what overtly is going on - read this recent report from Popular Science on 'The Scariest Ideas in Science' - including:

Reanimated Infection
Merciless Robot Soldiers
Planetary Solar Shield
The Ultimate Vicious Carnivore
Grow New Appendages

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Past Conversations

Now and again I like to browse through some of the past archives of this blog, especially since I've been writing since March 2003...yep, nearly 4 years old!

Here are a couple of posts from October 2004:

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Thought creates Experience: Experience creates Reality

To begin the small step of integrating one's thoughts into our everyday experiences, it is a recommended practice to start each day with an affirmed Intention: each morning, state to yourself what you wish to get out of the day; dispel fears, anxieties, and doubts. Focus only on the positive, and know that the reality you experience around you may not necessarily be the one most helpful to you. So don't swallow it - take what it useful and block the rest.

What you allow in, is your choice. It is always your choice. Treat your consciousness with kindness. Be a conscious part of your own reality by inner faith in who you are, what you are doing, and what you want to achieve - let the mind work on the rest...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It is worth remembering that:

"To the empowering principle that the people can withhold legitimacy, and thus change the world, we now add another:by deliberately changing their internal images of reality, people can change the world."

This concerns the idea of our legitimacy. What we think, how we think, and the beliefs that we choose to adapt are of crucial importance not only for us but for those around us since what we 'give off' in terms of attraction, vibes, or energy (whatever you wish to name it) influences the immediate surroundings, and the events and emotions that inhabit those surroundings.

Do we really wish to give-out our legitimacy so easily - this refers to our opinions, agreements, and support. Those in governing positions are constantly vying for our legitimate support - and never more so before a general election! They think we are stupid, so they clamour for our support with stupid fictions and deceit. Why give away your personal beliefs so easily. Our beliefs, perceptions, and state of mind are crucial for how we understand the world around us, and how that world performs for us. To give away our right and legitimacy over our sense of reality is to buy into the belief systems of others who are, more often that not, wishing to take our support/opinions in order to foster their own position of control.

We are sovereign to ourselves: we need to think, act, and have the correct intentions for our own lives, and not to have fear over a sense of inner belief, whatever the pressure from outside banal forms of social consensus.

Begin each day with your own personal self-affirmations. Act in balance with your own personal intentions.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What Can Be Done

Recently I mentioned that Montalk had self-published his book both as print and as a free online e-book. Having finished reading it I can say it is a very clear exposition for a reader wanting the basics in 'fringe knowledge' on esoteric matters dealing with issues of an arcane nature. Here is an extract, near to the end of the book:

Good news is that some people are waking up, finding themselves in situations similar to your own. On the other hand, lots of people are also shriveling up spiritually, becoming increasingly empty and bitter. So remember that because “saving the world” requires that people save themselves, only the willing can be assisted. There is no point in getting stubbornly frustrated with the rejection and ridicule you might face from those not ready or willing to expand their minds.

The surest way to work for the betterment of mankind is to improve yourself, educate yourself, become aware and skilled at delivering that awareness to others who are interested. It’s more about building up your potential to serve than just going out there and haphazardly trying to do good. The actual opportunities to “do something” happen when they happen—you’ll be inspired with a good idea and your situation will coincidentally be in the right state for you to carry it out. In the meantime, prepare. Improving yourself means becoming ever more mentally stable and emotionally balanced, acquiring wisdom from observation and experience, taking great care to deal with people according to their level of understanding. Educating yourself means learning more about what really matters, what is really going on in this world and within yourself, the hidden things that manipulate people that could be stopped if only they knew about it, and the positive principles that if known and applied would allow one to progress more intelligently and powerfully yet compassionately through life.

What Can Be Done

As you continue your research, there is only so much you can learn about the rampant corruption, injustice, and exploitation in this world before you start itching to “do something” about these problems. Perhaps you get frustrated that more people aren’t seeing the truth, or that those who do are not taking more action. All this reading, networking, and talking may seem like an ineffective use of time when the world appears to be burning down before our eyes and action is needed now. It is this impatient attitude that leads to energy wasted in frustration, haste, and self-sabotage. Be wise and remember that preparation and timing are keys to effective action, and that timing is decided by factors not always under your control. Acting prematurely misses the mark just as much as procrastination.

As Montalk finally reminds the reader (importantly!) -

...When you lift yourself, you lift the world in an indirect but significant manner.

Begin with one's self - positive self development, with knowledge and not ignorance nor distraction.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mind Games

Journalist Sharon Weinberger, who is also editor of Defense Technology International has written an illuminating cover article for the Washington Post titled 'Mind Games' which takes a credible look at those people who call themselves Targeted Individuals (TIs) of covert government mind surveillance. It follows the story of Harlan Girard who has considered himself as a target for mind weapons since the 1980s - and examines some of the background to military involvement in the patents of microwave weaponry - or EM Weapons.

Six months after the voices began, they had another question for him: "Mr. Girard, Mr. Girard. Why aren't you dead yet?" At first, he recalls, the voices would speak just two or three times a day, but it escalated into a near-constant cacophony, often accompanied by severe pain all over his body -- which Girard now attributes to directed-energy weapons that can shoot invisible beams.

Having also read some background into this subject I would caution the reader not to dismiss the possibility too easily...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Possibilities of Progress

I have often remarked upon traits of technological progress. Well, humanity cannot separate from technology: fire was an early technology. Biological humans and our symbiotic relationship with the world around us is itself a technological relationship, whether with microchips or charcoal...

And now more developed forms of technology are accelerating this symbiotic marriage: whilst I may come across as a 'Technological Singularity-ist' I am perhaps more of a 'Spiritual Singularity-ist' - and the line that converges them is where I find the problematique of interest - the wisdom to steer our symbiotic humanity into evolved stages.

Author and thinker David Brin has a worthwhile essay on this subject called 'SINGULARITIES AND NIGHTMARES: EXTREMES OF OPTIMISM AND PESSIMISM ABOUT THE HUMAN FUTURE' which takes a balanced look at several positions concerning human progress and evolution, and addresses the scenarios and possibilities. Well-worth a browse...

Oh yeah, a few pics from recent travels are here

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Beginning Reads...

Ah...its good to be back 'in the world, yet not of the world' - once more immersed into the physical map of this world. Yet important to remember that 'the menu is not the meal' - as Robert Anton Wilson used to always remind...

Got a load of books to get through (and I'm not even going to mention the ones for my 'work' side) - I'm now, rather late, onto the 5th Dune book in the phenomenal Frank Herbert series... and look forward to also getting further along Scott Orson Card's Ender Series. A wonderful read over this period has been Mark Hedsel's The Zelator - a detailed hermetic autobiography. Simply great. I'm also waiting to begin Nicholas Hagger's The Syndicate - Hagger's previous book - The Secret History of the West: The Influence of Secret Organisations on Western History from the Renaissance to the 20th Century - was a monumental treatise on the detailed esoteric historical interventions.

And another important read of the beginning of 2007 must be from friend Tom Montalk who has self-published his book 'Fringe Knowledge for Beginners' which is also kindly offered as a free download e-book. Thanks Tom!

Now for that accompanying glass of wine...