Saturday, September 27, 2003

Evolution is an inherently dynamic process, never static. It is in constant interaction, or cognition, within its whole milieu. The human body is thus in a dynamic state with its environment, be it actual or virtual – and adapts accordingly. The new mutation of the human species is through an inward dynamic rather than an outward move. The human nervous system is key here: as digital information is absorbed, new synaptic connections are developed.

The West has developed by isolating a person’s sensory development: community has been lost; art is not longer a ‘communal immersion’ but rather an individual onanistic experience. Thus, we have been starved of developmental input and the dynamism of collectivity.

Friday, September 12, 2003

In the ensuing years there will be a rise in chaos and upheaval. These are largely the manifestations of cosmic influences and the results of a shifting planetary evolution in line with a developmental harmonic of our solar system. Although this will be largely misunderstood by our species, it will nevertheless be manifesting more openly in the next several years as planetary adjustments are made. More will be said on this later - this is not the time to reveal the details. Suffice to say that as strife increases on our planet it should be more imperative that we exercise our inner functions of balance, non-attachment to events and things, and stay away from rash judgments and decisions.
Continuing from before: the access to greater information has consequences. One approach to this rise in conscious attunement is, in the words of Eric Chaisson, leading to the need for an ethical and global consciousness. Others have urged for process thinking rather than the Newtonian mechanical approach - synergism calls for the emergence of properties greater than the whole. This is achievable if we realise that the connectivity of people on a global scale can give rise to shared traits of altruism under reciprocally 'shared', or transferred, information.

We are all open systems that use information as energy - little do we realise that this energy can be used to fuel further much-needed self-development. Discipline is required so that this energy is not lost through wasted emotions or anger, fear, and other menial manifestations that get enlarged and exaggerated.

Remember: the negative also seeks to embolden itself - to present itself as being greater than it is. This is because there is always less negative inside us at all times in comparison to the positive - thus, it needs to pretend it's more negative than it actually is if it is to have any chance of influence over the person at all. Don't succumb to it.

With information-awareness comes responsibility. That responsibility is to oneself first, then to others, and to our earthly and cosmic environment. Don't build your house on sand, or too much information may blow one's fuse.
As was stated in an earlier blog - 'Information is the Key'. This is a primary statement. Harvard astrophysicist Eric Chaisson has also maintained in his work 'The Life Era' that information is the key principle behind cosmic evolution. Yet information is not simply the bits and bites of electronic language - information embues all that is around us.

Living systems upon this planet take in information by means of solar energy, and secrete in such ways as waste (animal kingdom) or as, for example, oxygen (plant kingdom). Thus, living systems use information as an open system, whereby it is a process of transference in order to decrease entropy and maintain life functions.

Information also exists as waves and physical forces - as radiation especially. Such waves, be they electromagnetic or other frequencies, can be better assimilated if the receiving-capacity of the person (ie. the human brain) is more attuned to finer frequencies. Such attunement has been taught down through the ages as meditative practicies, or through 'action teaching' using both physical exercises as well as mental. It is not for 'religious' purposes, if we must use this vague label, but rather for human attunement to universal, and cosmic, information that is accessible through activation of, generally dormant, brain functioning.