Wednesday, November 24, 2010

War of Consciousness

For long periods of human history there has been active forces penetrating our world that seek to keep humanity ‘asleep’ and distracted from themselves. Also, that these forces are aware of the true power of human consciousness and that the social power structures used to influence and manipulate the masses would collapse if true human potential were to be exercised. Therefore, in the pursuit of control and power certain forces active upon the Earth aim to artificially suppress the natural evolution of human consciousness.

Humanity is caught in a struggle and our consciousness is the battleground. It may come as unnerving news to some to hear that humanity is constantly being bombarded by forces and events beyond our control. This does not make us impotent however; all natural organisms are under the influence of external forces. Yet with humanity there are also other forces at work. These forces are deliberate, more often than not manmade, and manipulate with intent. They aim to persuade if possible, and coerce if necessary. It is these forces that seek to target the remaining spaces where humanity has a modicum of ‘free choice’ and ‘free will’. To some degree these forces are part of the requirements of civilization: to shepherd and organize a burgeoning population. Yet over and above this there exist exploitative forces that work against the laws of conscious evolution. It is these forces, and the need to overcome them, that form a core theme of our times.

The perpetual battlefield is what we know as our everyday lives: our education, our work, our leisure, our emotional and spiritual well-being, and our conscious thinking. Yet the armaments of this struggle are not guns, tanks, airplanes, bombs, or battle-cruisers. It is much more subtle than this. It is less hardware and more software. It is, in effect, a very silent war. And it is a war which, I hope to show, is even more important than the tragic physical scourges occurring on our beautiful planet. It is a war that targets not only the present but also the very long-term future(s) of our civilization. And it has been going on for as long as humankind has existed on planet Earth. What is this war? It is a battle for our minds – how we think. In short, it is the war of consciousness.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Quantum Consciousness 4: Evolutionary Agents – Our Next Quantum Leap?

Various mystics and consciousness researchers have alluded to this by a variety of names; they range from cosmic consciousness, superconsciousness, transpersonal consciousness, integral consciousness, and more. All these descriptions share a common theme; namely, the rise of intuition, empathy, greater connectivity to the world and to people, and a sense of ‘knowing’ about what each given situation demands. Further, such a form of field (non-local or ‘quantum’) consciousness would likely instil within each person a sense of the greater cosmic whole: the realization that humanity exists and evolves within a universe of intelligence and meaning (perhaps even inter-dimensional). This would serve to impart within humanity a more profound, and acknowledged, spiritual impulse.

We can speculate that a variety of forces that include a shifting of the Earth’s geomagnetic forces (as is already occurring); varying solar radiations from each sun cycle; galactic pulses from the centre of the galaxy; our solar system moving through a more ‘energized’ portion of interstellar space; could all in some way result in increased wave patterns (vibrations) entering into the quantum DNA field and catalyzing a shift in the consciousness of humanity. The bridge that divides us at present from another level of living intelligence is in essence a vibratory shift. If such a vibratory shift is a potential means of catalyzing quantum (field) consciousness, this could then lead to increased intuitive faculties and extra-sensory phenomena not only becoming an implicate part of our lives but also to opening up access to greater creativity and inventive capacities for participating in our own human futures. The rise of these attributes in a critical mass could be the key to our next ‘evolutionary leap’. Forms and intimations of these new consciousness patterns are already emerging in the world, but as yet they have not become a part of mainstream research. Such evolutionary ‘mutational’ agents include visionaries, mystics, artists, psychics, intuitives, spiritual Teachers, and what have been termed as the new ‘Indigo Children’. These children (labelled ‘Indigo’ because of their purported coloured auras) are described as possessing increased empathy, creativity, curiosity, and self-will. They are also reported to be spiritually inclined from a young age, and to exhibit strong intuitive capacities. Because of their natural and inherent resistance to authority they are seen as being distracted, rebellious, or alienated in the conventional school system. Yet this is nothing new as throughout recorded history social revolutionaries have felt impelled, and inspired, to resist authority and instigate change (Billington 1998). Many individuals who have felt an awareness of the need to seed an evolutionary impulse into social life have been caught up in revolutionary events and/or been involved in social-cultural upheavals. These human efforts, Krishna notes, come from evolutionary impulses:
I can safely assert that the progress made by mankind in any direction, from the subhuman level to the present, has been far less due to man’s own efforts than to the activity of the evolutionary forces at work within him. Every incentive to invention, discovery, aesthetics, and the development of improved social and political organizations invariably comes from within, from the depths of his consciousness by the grace of…the superintelligent Evolutionary Force in human beings (Krishna 1993: 166).

These indicate efforts, attempts, or social movements to help prepare the ‘mental soil’ for a new consciousness to slowly seed and grow. On the whole social/cultural/material forces are slow to react to the need for an evolving paradigm of human consciousness.

We can say that in order for continued cultural and species growth there are particular periods of human history whereby humanity becomes ready, or in need of, the activation of particular faculties and/or evolutionary traits. It may be that during this critical phase of human culture that humanity will adapt, or be forced to develop, new creative and inspired aspects of consciousness. This transition period – a stage of what I term neuro-genetic evolution – will challenge many of the now-outmoded social structures that have polarized much of human thinking. However, as in all paradigm shifts, old energies inevitably must give way to the new, and it may only be a matter of time before new generations move into evolving consciousness and its physical expressions. It is thus critical that an understanding of spiritual matters begins to permeate through our everyday lives as a counter-balance to our social materialism. It is important in these years ahead that we try to develop a consciousness that is both open to spiritual impulses whilst simultaneously aware and attentive to the latest in scientific research. It is imperative that we revitalize our collective sense of well-being and connectedness – our entanglement – as part of our shared evolutionary development. It is possible that a new state of quantum consciousness will allow humanity access to an unimaginable energetic field of information. This would then open up new vistas of creative intelligence that could be the forerunner to the next stage of along our ascending evolutionary path.

If a person is not sufficiently prepared for these changing impacts then it may cause unbalance and confusion. Personal responsibility means each person must seek to balance the energies of both their inner and outer lives; and to strengthen their sense of connectedness, empathy, and creative vision. These early signs may be the forerunner to an emergence of planetary empathy which, we may hope, will steer us as a global species towards a more viable, fulfilling, and uplifting collective future.