Friday, July 25, 2008

Energy goes where attention flows

There has been a quietness gathering inside of me over the past few months. I have been less active on this site; less active in following the threads of spiraling events, circumstances, and conspirational truths. Yes:

And much much more....

Yet the critical question for me these days is: Am I taking energy from myself or giving energy to myself? Am I taking energy from others or giving energy to others?

At all times it is imperative that individuals empower and nourish their energetic selves, and not allow disempowering thought forms to reside. Individuals are the circuitry for an emerging world of new energies.


"proper training of your mind, along with meditative/relaxation practice is the most important “safe place” preparation...Just remember - the real problems are generated in the mind. If you can train your mind, you have your island of light - your safe spot...Remember - train and prepare your mind and your hearts - then all else will be easy for you."

Q - Where will the 'safe havens' be for a critical future?

A - Within your Heart

Energy goes where attention flows - What's your attention focused on?