Thursday, September 27, 2007

2012 - Changing Times

It is likely that the subject of 2012 will become one of the hottest subjects on the Net in the years to come. A suitable subject for the World Wide Mind (WWM) - the emerging noosphere, as de Chardin would call it. Yet before I say another thing, I want to quote this:

‘The fatal metaphor of progress, which means leaving things behind us, has utterly obscured the real idea of growth, which means leaving things inside us’ – G.K. Chesterton

Growth, moving forward, without nurturing the very seed of experience, is a opportunity wasted.

Much will be said on the spiritual ramifications and signifiers of 2012. Yet firstly I'd like to point towards some material which clearly lays out some of the physical changes of implications impacting our planet, our socio-culture over the coming years. And to begin this I would suggest reading James H. Kunstler's 'The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century' Although US-centric in its approach it is a lucid exploration and explication of our potentially dire socio-cultural-political situation, especially in terms of dwindling energy resources and the collapse of social systems that this will entail. Such events could add much to the heady mix of impacts occurring around 2012.

Secondly, I would also recommend Lawrence Joseph's 'Apocalypse 2012: An Optimist Investigates the End of Civilization' - a wryly written adventure around Earth 'shifts' that may converge towards a 2012 tipping-point. And written with lovely humour and ease.

And one to look out for: a collection of essays on 2012 written by some of today's finer thinkers including Ervin Laszlo; Peter Russell; Barbara Marx Hubbard; Greg Braden; Daniel Pinchbeck; and more. The book is titled 'The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies and Possibilities' and is due out this month. Although I have not yet read this book, I feel it will add some sober thoughts upon the subject, rather than hazy ones.

The physical disruptions should not be overlooked by too much gazing into the abstract. Similarly, the doomsayers should not over-ride the courage and resilience of the human spirit in times of need and community. Preparation, information, and awareness are tools for the upcoming years. So is a high-degree of level-headedness!

Let us share suggestions and words of encouragement.

In the opening words of Chesterton - let us move on by gaining something inside of us.

And don't forget to smile at people...


Monday, September 24, 2007

Singularity Summit 2007

Audio for all talks and panel discussions at the recent Singularity Summit 2007 is now available free online and via iTunes podcast.

Included are:

Rodney Brooks - The Singularity: A Period Not An Event

Ben Goertzel - Nine Years to a Positive Singularity – If We Really, Really Try

Ray Kurzweil -A Dialogue with Ray Kurzweil

Also of note is a new 'news aggregator' site on the Net - just released - which is a great one-stop-site to get all your news on one page:


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Russian Mind-Control Research

It seems that more and more information is coming out in mainstream news about the Russian research into 'psychotronic weapons' and modern day uses of mind-manipulation. It makes one wonder whether authorities are becoming more blase and complacent about such strategies, especially in the context of terrorist propaganda. In this recent article from Wired - 'The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract' - the writer discusses how the work of infamous Russian researcher Igor Smirnov, who worked on the science of mind control, is now being integrated into US Home Security:

The slow migration of Smirnov's technology to the United States began in 1991, at a KGB-sponsored conference in Moscow intended to market once-secret Soviet technology to the world. Smirnov's claims of mind control piqued the interest of Chris and Janet Morris -- former science-fiction writers turned Pentagon consultants who are now widely credited as founders of the Pentagon's "non-lethal" weapons 1993 Smirnov rose to brief fame in the United States when the FBI consulted with him in hope of ending the standoff in Waco with cult leader David Koresh. Smirnov proposed blasting scrambled sound -- the pig squeals again -- over loudspeakers to persuade Koresh to surrender...

...But the U.S. war on terror and the millions of dollars set aside for homeland security research is offering Smirnov a chance at posthumous respectability in the West.

Smirnov's technology reappeared on the U.S. government's radar screen through Northam Psychotechnologies, a Canadian company that serves as North American distributor for the Psychotechnology Research Institute. About three years ago, Northam Psychotechnologies began seeking out U.S. partners to help it crack the DHS market. For companies claiming innovative technologies, the past few years have provided bountiful opportunities. In fiscal year 2007, DHS allocated $973 million for science and technology and recently announced Project Hostile Intent, which is designed to develop technologies to detect people with malicious intentions.

A must-read.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Lunar Ark

It seems that more and more scientists and specialists are taking seriously the possibility of future 'existential risks' - otherwise referred to as catastrophic events. A recent report suggested the building of a 'lunar ark' - a Noah's Ark - on the moon to preserve humanity's records. For those familiar with Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation Series' will know this is eerily similar to the plot of 'Foundation and Earth' when Earth became radioactive after nuclear war. Anyway.... the report from National Geographic - 'Lunar Ark' Proposed in Case of Deadly Impact on Earth - states that:

The moon should be developed as a sanctuary for civilization in case of a cataclysmic cosmic impact, according to an international team of experts (NASA already has blueprints to create a permanent lunar outpost by the 2020s)

But that plan should be expanded to include a way to preserve humanity's learning, culture, and technology if Earth is hit by a doomsday asteroid or comet, said Jim Burke of International Space University (ISU) in France.

Burke, once a project manager on some of the earliest American lunar landings, now heads an ISU study on surviving a collision with a near-Earth object. An impact of the size that wiped out the dinosaurs hasn't happened since long before the rise of humans, he pointed out.

Yet scientists' expanding knowledge of asteroids and craters left throughout the solar system has created a consensus that Earth remains vulnerable to a civilization-crushing collision. This calls for the creation of a space age Noah's ark, Burke said...A Lunar Ark

Thanks to Subtopia for the heads-up on this.

There is so much activity going on, yet so difficult to join all the dots together... lunar arks; underground bases; star-wars missile shields; increasing sun flares and galactic centre pulses...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Against the Chip

I once gave a lecture on 'modernity' to a class of 80 undergraduates - I discussed eugenics and modern warfare as an existing 'enlightenment paradigm', based much on the book 'Al Qaeda and What It Means to Be Modern' by John Gray - then I casually mentioned an aside on the alleged role of IBM within the technologised war-machine of the Third-Reich, quoting Edwin Black's 'IBM and the Holocaust'.

Now - an update - it seems that IBM are behind Verichip's human chipping technology: from the punch-cards of the Second World War to bio-chipping of the 21st-Century. Now this is a much-discussed subject with grave implications for human liberty if 'chipping' ever came socialised, or implemented under protocols of national security.

There is also a new video that connects IBM with Verichip - its worth watching and it is called - 'IBM, Verichip, and the Fourth Reich'

Recently, it was reported that chips implanted into animals (original function of the bio-chipping) has been found to lead to tumors: read 'Chip implants linked to animal tumors'

Now: how would global (in)security; climate change; new world war; electromagnetic radiations; HAARP; Tesla technology; mobile-phone masts; bio-chipping all be connected...?

No idea....?!

How can humans ride 'The Shift' in consciousness-vibration increase if we're turned-off...

As Timothy Leary famously said - we must first 'Turn On'; then 'Tune In'; then...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Approach to Reality - A Whole New Design

'There seems to be a framework -a structure...a whole new design for life and inner development...moving into manifestation immediately ahead of us in time...filtering already through an intermediary strata to specially selected points. Every detail pre-planned; originating from above to below... not in linear time at all... thus superseding our planetary laws of cause and effect. And absolutely nothing can stop it... its already there, out of range of our vision, but as real and solid as life itself. How it will manifest I can only surmise...

...A new force, or influence, is reaching us - coded to produce precise results that will supersede the old modes of development - almost a forced process which will have effects unique in world history as we know it...

...A stepping-up of transformative force must cause resistance...and in this respect, the animal kingdom and all natural life will fare much better than humanity - having followed its own instinctive laws without deviation... influx of beings of a higher development than man, born into human bodies for preordained reasons - one of which perhaps is to 'burn up' or transmute at a vastly higher rate the 'effects' created by the mass of men, which obstruct their own progression towards their true destiny.'

I was aware of other, cosmical intelligences, far more evolved than my own. These Beings should not be confused with spacemen, or Supermen - they have evolved beyond all planetary form; and I was merely one pupil amongst many, all undergoing some manner of quickening and applied stimulus. Mankind is a cradle, or chrysalis, in which such potential exists as a possibility, or in an embryonic latency.

In this state I perceived a vast act of direct intervention in the life of mankind, like a realignment with the source of all manifestation, which necessitated the prior removal of an obstruction to its correct development. This occurrence coincided with the release of a fresh inflow of magnetic influences, also a stepping-up of vibrationary pressure, like entering a more powerful force-field, or submission to a forced process of growth - designed to produce an evolutionary 'leap'. But it all happened in the dimension of the higher Self, and has not yet externalised into our world of linear time, though its foreshadowings are already apparent.

From Approach to Reality by A.J. Peterson

This was first posted on Beautiful-Traitor on 16/07/07 - yet I felt is resonated strongly enough for a repeat posting here: it speaks for itself...


Monday, September 03, 2007

Pravda on 'psychotronic weapons'

An intriguing little article has appeared on the English edition of Pravda Online titled 'Russians have psychotronic weapon to zombie people'which talks about how the Russians are continuing in this type of research, with references to other nations also:

Boris Ratnikov says that Russia has been working on the psychotronic impact upon humans since the 1920s. Until the mid-1980s secret centers for investigation of psychic impact upon humans were working in large cities of the country under the KGB’s patronage. Thousands of brilliant researchers were working on the problem in the twenty secret centers. After the break-up of the USSR the centers were closed and the researchers either left abroad or currently work in various parts of Russia.

Now that new technologies and the Internet are widely spreading people must realize that the menace of psychic impact upon humans is really immense. At the same time, the official science still insists that psychotronic is mere charlatanry. Boris Ratnikov is sure however that in less than ten years psychotronic weapons will grow more dangerous than nuclear and atomic weapons.

Although nothing new, its worth a quick dip...