Sunday, March 30, 2003

Information is destined to be shared. Greater understanding, once information has filtered into one's self, becomes an understanding towards a conscious yet shared future. Energy and connections between people foster a love beyond cliches of possession. This love is the compassion for a humankind sharing its evolutionary journey together; not as individuals squabbling for their private narrow ways. The future must embrace openness, and throw away obsessive possession.
Information is the key. Information is what emerges as the key to evolution. What is information? Is it knowing something about the dog races - which will win? Information is coded within each of us, yet its emergent capacities are only effective through connectivity. Just as the heart is essential to the overall fucntion of our body; take it out and both it, as a separate organ, and ourselves as a whole body, dies. It is this necessary interrelationship that allows information to be shared and conscious through its own connectivity. This is why we are all, each one of us, dependent upon connections that we are often not aware of. Thus, all matter is likewise connected. The property of self-consciousness emerges when the level of connectivity within any system is at a heightened peak of complexity. The human brain, with its hundreds of billions of firing neuronal connections is exactly this model of peak complexity. From this self-organised complexity comes our experience of adaptive cognition - self-consciouness. DNA has planned for this level of relational connectivity. As information in the world is likewise connected through greater networks of communication, eg. Internet, this will help to raise the information --> knowledge --> consciousness of society in general. This, it is hoped, will play a major role in guiding us towards our self-evolutionary future. This is the early stage of our expected transformation.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Some people ask how one can trust in faith, or know to how to move towards Truth, especially in today's climate. Perhaps the answer lies in priorities. If the material world is real for you, then Truth will be a part of this world, and so will all the suffering and pain of this world. Yet to ignore it is no answer either: that is escapsim, the realm of old religious stranglehold. The balance is dealing with each issue within its respective field. Truth needs to be sought within one's own inner spaces, through moments of contemplation and quiet questioning, in order to use this silence as a way of accessing latent qualities and capacities within oneself. The external world requires right action at right time, and right thought simultaneously. To confuse Truth with one's life obligations is jumping the gun until one has greater access to inner certitiude. For the initial part of the journey of self-understanding, place your life responsibilities in their rightful place and deal with them accordingly. To understand the subtler things, begin to listen to oneself within moments of quietness. Take it from there. When one begins to listen, the receiver begins to hear.
All is energy in dynamic relationships of attraction. How will you attract what you need?

Force of intention; inner concentration of will - these function as attractors. Since all matter is fundamentally organised relations of energy, thought itself is a force of energy that can interact with what is perceived to be solid matter.

Saturday, March 22, 2003


"The egocentric ideal of a future reserved for those
who have managed to attain egotistically the extremity
of 'everyone for himself' is false and against nature...
The outcome of the world, the gates of the future,
the entry into the super-human --
these are not thrown open
to a few of the priveged or to one chosen people
to the exclusion of all others.
They will only open to an advance of all together,
in a direction in which all together can join and find completion
in a spiritual renovation of the earth...
No evolutionary future awaits man except in association with all other men"

Our evolutionary future awaits a consciously evolved being; in touch across spatial and temporal barriers in higher thought. To work towards a consciously evolved state requires an inner intention and discipline. It requires a conscious struggle to remove ourselves from an automated behavioural state, reacting in pure response to environmental cognition, to a state of perception and meaningful inter-relationship. Everything is connected, and yet most connections are fulfilled without conscious knowledge. A force of intention, of will, to allow a harmonious perception in the design of life is needed. To be of heightened intellect is not the same as being clever. It is not a dry intellect, a scholarly realm, but instead is the state whereby one knows what needs to be done, by understanding the quality and pattern of events, and responds to it appropriately, without distorted emotion or emphasis.

Such qualities can be worked upon through inner observation of oneself. To monitor one's own thoughts, actions, responses, physical and mental feedback. To be aware of one's state at all times fosters a greater mental functioning between both brain hemispheres, which fires up latent neurones, and thus increases brain activity which itself promotes heightened cognition - what one may call 'intuition'.

New capabilities and functions come into being according to one's need - therefore increase the need!

Will, intention, discipline. And then there's the synergy of love.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Life is an evolutionary journey. Humankind has continuously questioned the meaning of existence, yet it has done so often from thinking itself separate. This is a veil. Humankind is on an evolutionary path, as is all things within earthly existence, towards more evolved forms of intellect, understanding, and involvement. The capacities required for Humankind to achieve this development are located within the very cellular structure of human life already; its emergence, and the emerging capacities, have been the subject of countless religious, spiritual, mystical traditions through the ages. The modern emergence of such knowledge is now within contemporary systems of learning, making use of the new language of the sciences. The 21st century is one where the wisdom of the East shall find synthesis in the science of the West.

Sunday, March 02, 2003


You asked me how I came to be here:
Well, my friend, Faith in something or one
Takes you to many strange places.



There are places to travel to
And other places to travel from;
Understand what must be left behind
Before you can find the One.



‘How can I capture beauty?’
you ask me.

‘Be an open-hearted hunter’
I say

‘Who upon snaring a bird
throws it back to the sky.’

‘But why?’

‘For beauty holds dear only
to a master who can share.’



Faith is an instrument,

Sharp as a warrior’s sword
Shiny as a clean-cut diamond
Reflective as a repolished mirror.

Above all, it is yours,
Yet you must learn
How to work it

For it can be as dangerous
As all the above.

Its other name is Love.



Spending so long planning
where you’re standing,

you forget the reasons why it
is you came here;

worse still, infection of the dreaded

turns your thoughts to all the things
you cannot leave behind:

it’s the money, it’s the show, it’s all
the things you’ve collected

from the corners of your little world
and you can’t let them go.

Yet what is it that you came for?

That something special

you always had to believe in, that
reason it is you came here…

could you really be so ill you’ve forgotten
the touch of love?

Between Both Worlds (BBW) is a site that will hope to share information about a search that is both individual and yet collective. It is the search for meaning, Truth, and understanding. Many have taken this path, and many will continue to do so. I am no exception. It is only that thanks to the new modern age of information communication technologies, there is the possibility for a greater depth of connectivity between all global peoples. As our global world develops towards an increasingly precipitous future, there is greater need in preserving the tradition of spiritual understanding and awareness of our evolutionary role within a much larger, universal context. With the enveloping capitalist modus operandi, material consumerism is taking attention away from a contemplative life. Moments of introspection, consideration, questioning, leave us as the world moves towards pleasure principles of external stimulation. Hence the title of this site refers to the maxim 'Of the world yet not of the world': the call for one to acknowledge that the path towards understanding must be taken within society and not in a reclusive setting. Likewise, it also calls for the strength to be separate from the immersion in purely material attachments.

What I will post on this site will be reflections, poetry (both old and new) and mirrorings of my own journey as it too continues to unfold. My friends will be able to check the site when and if they wish; newcomers are most welcome, as are responses and contact. Again, to reiterate, this is only a humble offering of an individual contribution. What is most important is that the new social ordering of connectivity can be made use of to proliferate ideas, thoughts, and understanding between as many like-minded people as possible. The future is not a distant relic, it is built upon our moments now. What gives us meaning is how we choose to make use of our moments, now.


Lloyd Bergson