Friday, March 28, 2008

A Stroke of Insight

A Stroke of Insight is Jill Taylor’s TED Talk - an 18 minute video of how experiencing a stroke can take the left-brain out of action and heighten the functioning of the right-brain.

This right-brain only presence is similar to transcendental experiences that take the person's perceptions out of their material-physical constraints/parameters and into collective consciousness. It is both an interesting - and powerful - performance from Jill Taylor as she weaves her experience into a message for choosing how to live our moments.

The techniques behind this right-brain activation have been known for centuries and have contributed to many esoteric traditions, whether in the form of mantras, prayer, dance, or specific 'teaching-stories' which seem odd (to the left-brain) but which impact upon the right-hemisphere.

It is a lesson that we can make a conscious decision to move away from the linear-programming inflicted upon us by social norms and conditioning, to shift towards a right-brain mode of behaviour of holistic, compassionate, creative, and 'flow' - literally, a new wavelength.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Solar Shifts - Solar Rays

SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.

SOHO was launched on December 2, 1995. In recent years there has been frenetic activity to observe the sun and its solar cycles, flares, and cosmic radiation. It's almost as if there is some 'fear' about what the sun may do in the near future.

These pictures show the sun's cycle from 1996-2006, with the front image showing 2001 when the sun spot activity was at its peak. I blogged previously about the solar cycle starting a new 11-year solar cycle which is to peak at the end of 2012... it's almost as if the sun - our Solar Ra - is going through its own transformation...

Yet it's not as if the recent increases in cosmic/solar radiation has any effect upon human DNA and evolutionary change, now is it? And so this would have no relationship with the attempt to put chemicals in our atmosphere ('chemtrails') in a bid to reflect back this radiation, is it?

I mean, what has the manipulation and alteration of the ionosphere via HAARP and ELF radiation got to do with the sun's rays anyway?? Doubt if I know....

And now this - according to a Cosmos article titled 'Binary 'deathstar' has Earth in its sights' it appears that 'a rotating binary star system is a ticking time bomb, ready to throw out a searing beam of high-energy gamma rays – and Earth may be right in the line of fire'

Mmm... more potential gamma rays: the future's so bright I gotta wear shades... as the song goes.

My future is in my intention to remain positive and optimistic at all times - and to enjoy as much sunbathing as possible - 'C'mon baby light my cells' as the song goes...


By the way - here is an update here on the Lunar Ark - 'Mankind's secrets kept in lunar ark' - see my earlier post on this subject here.


Monday, March 10, 2008

New Instruments of Surveillance and Social Control

Just an update on the 'Pandora's Box' paper referred to previously. It has now been published on the website 'Centre for Research on Globalization' run by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky. The title has been changed to:

Friday, March 07, 2008

Weather Control Architecture - The St. Louis Arch?

The issue of weather modification - or 'environmental modification' (ENMOD) - has been coming back to my attention recently. In the past I have discussed the usually theories around HAARP etc, and even touched on chemtrails, yet with so much talk on global climate change and carbon emissions, with little or no mention of geo-engineering of climate, I again wonder...

In the intervening years I have taken a consideration that the sun - our Solar Ra - has much to do with earth changes in our solar vicinity as well as on Earth, and have been looking into solar flares. No doubt more on this later.

First, just a teaser - I came across this intriguing reference to the St. Louis Arch, a 636 ft. monument on the west bank of the Mississippi River, which has stood for nearly forty years. This short article titled 'Can We Control the Weather?' says that

It is a shining monument built to convey St. Louis’s role as the Gateway to the West. Only now has the reason for its construction as well as its true purpose been revealed. It seems that some of the same scientists responsible for the doomsday weapon research in the deserts of the Southwest U.S. during the forties, were also interested in controlling the weather. They hoped to use weather control as a means to aid in troop movement and logistics for the Allies, as well as use it as a tactical weapon against the enemy. This, they hoped, would bring about a quick end to the war in Europe.

Thus, the design for the arch was conceived. The stainless steel structure, while able to produce an ionic pulse, is impervious to any lingering affects. Each leg of the arch is able to push positive and negative ions into the air so as to create a positive or negatively charged field that can ‘push’ storms out of the way. During the day this national monument stands as the gateway to the west, but after hours this man-made marvel turns into one of the most powerful weather controlling devices ever conceived.

St. Louis Arch Construction

It makes us wonder about some of the other modern architectural feats being erected around the world...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Opening Pandora's Box

Sometime in mid-to-late 2006 I sat down and wrote a paper that examined the dangers of wireless technologies, and how they are affecting human cognition and brain functioning. Some of my influences were military 'brain-washing' techniques, the work of Jose Delgardo, and surveillance technologies. After finishing the paper I sent it around to a few friends. Really, I had written it as an exercise for myself and knew it would not stand a chance at being published in one of the top peer-review social science journals that we (as 'academics') are often expected to publish in. So I let it be at that....

Then about a year later, one evening after a couple of glasses of red wine, I decided I would send the paper to a well-known online peer-reviewed journal called 'First Monday' that concerns itself with 'Internet' topics...then I heard nothing. Early in January 2008 the journal got back to me with a very favourable review - they wanted the paper! I only had to make a few minor corrections in order to update some material. I finished the review by end of January; and today - the 'first monday' in March - it appeared on the front page of the journal. Very pleased to finally see this paper in the open. I have put no copyright on the paper - it is open to be read and passed around, if the reader wishes. Here's the abstract:

Opening Pandora’s box: How technologies of communication and cognition may be shifting towards a ‘Psycho–Civilized Society’
Increasingly there are indications that the uses of wireless technologies have been developed to target an individual’s biological body, with specific focus upon the neuronal functioning of the brain. This paper examines how some of these uses have had detrimental effects, and what this implies for both present and upcoming developments for particular wireless/sensor technologies. Are we seeing a trend towards a psycho–civilised society, where greater emphasis is placed upon social control and pre–emptive strategies?

Please click on title above to take you through to access the paper.

After spending so much of my time examining emerging technologies I am coming to see our increasingly immersive digital environment as a danger to inner growth and cognitive awakening. My mind has now been 'changed', yet not by 'them'!! (I hope....)


Sunday, March 02, 2008


Yes - its official - this blog is now 5 years old! The first post was blogged on Sunday March 2nd 2003, as I sat in my small 2-room attic apartment in Nottingham as I was half-way through my MA. I had only arrived back in the UK in August 2002 after being out of the UK for 7 years. On that first post I wrote:

Between Both Worlds (BBW) is a site that will hope to share information about a search that is both individual and yet collective. It is the search for meaning, Truth, and understanding. Many have taken this path, and many will continue to do so. I am no exception. It is only that thanks to the new modern age of information communication technologies, there is the possibility for a greater depth of connectivity between all global peoples. As our global world develops towards an increasingly precipitous future, there is greater need in preserving the tradition of spiritual understanding and awareness of our evolutionary role within a much larger, universal context. With the enveloping capitalist modus operandi, material consumerism is taking attention away from a contemplative life. Moments of introspection, consideration, questioning, leave us as the world moves towards pleasure principles of external stimulation. Hence the title of this site refers to the maxim 'Of the world yet not of the world': the call for one to acknowledge that the path towards understanding must be taken within society and not in a reclusive setting. Likewise, it also calls for the strength to be separate from the immersion in purely material attachments.

What I will post on this site will be reflections, poetry (both old and new) and mirrorings of my own journey as it too continues to unfold. My friends will be able to check the site when and if they wish; newcomers are most welcome, as are responses and contact. Again, to reiterate, this is only a humble offering of an individual contribution. What is most important is that the new social ordering of connectivity can be made use of to proliferate ideas, thoughts, and understanding between as many like-minded people as possible. The future is not a distant relic, it is built upon our moments now. What gives us meaning is how we choose to make use of our moments, now.


Lloyd Bergson

I even signed it under a different name... shy times back then....

I never thought this 'humble' site would make it this far... I never once imagined I would have so much to say... glad I did; glad 'we' made it this far... thanks to BBW - more importantly, a BIG THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has read this blog over the years... Cheers!