Monday, June 13, 2011

The WorldShift Movement

On June 6th I was interviewed by Confluence Media about the WorldShift Movement. Below is an extract from this interview:

What is The WorldShift Movement?

The WorldShift Movement (WS M) was inspired by the work and vision of Ervin Laszlo. WS M was formed in November 2010 by Nicolya Christi as a volunteer, people-focused global initiative. One of the key objectives of WS M is to represent the people, to work with and through people, to empower them to make a shift in their lives, both external and internal. There are six core values represented by WS M:
Restorative Justice
Compassionate Action
Conscious Communication
Conscious Evolution
WS M is focused upon inspiring and empowering people to be the change for themselves and the world around them.

… there are so many movements. How does The WorldShift Movement stand out?
My personal view is that I consider this as the blotting paper metaphor: you put an ink drop on the paper, the ink starts to spread; you put another drop of ink and more ink spreads – and if you put enough drops it changes the colour of the paper. Different movements are for different people, and not everybody is drawn to the same movements. Different movements cater for different peoples needs and together we can all work towards changing the colour of the blotting paper. There are many movements out there; and WS M does not consider itself to be in competition with any of them – competition is an old paradigm state of thinking. We just have the focus and intention on what we are doing and don’t compare ourselves with others. The change of colour we can all achieve together represents, for me, the shift in peoples consciousness.

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