Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quantum Consciousness: The Way to Reconcile Science and Spirituality

I have recently been invited to submit a post on Quantum Consciousness to the Ervin Laszlo Forum on Science & Spirituality. This Forum is a discussion arena (agora) for bringing together varied voices to share thoughts and ideas about the benefits for the mutually existing disciplines of scientific thought and spiritual experience. My contribution is titled 'Quantum Consciousness: The Way to Reconcile Science and Spirituality' and includes the following extract:

Human thought in the 21st century needs to work towards a new model that immerses the human being within a vibrant energetic universe. However, this need not demand that we throw away what we already have; rather, we can expand upon the tools that have brought us to our present position. There is an eastern proverb that roughly translates as: ‘You may ride your donkey up to your front door, but would you ride it into your house?’ In other words, when we have arrived at a particular destination we are often required to make a transition in order to continue the journey. In this sense we can be grateful to a vast knowledge base of scientific and religious thought for helping us to arrive at where we presently stand. Yet it is now imperative that we move forward. As Deepak Chopra suggested in his opening contribution to this Forum, how we move forward is likely to be centered in our understanding of consciousness.

Our physical apparatus is spectacular; consider that each of us carries around a 100 billion-cell bioelectric quantum computer that creates our realities, with almost all of its neurons established the day we were born. Still, this phenomenal ‘reality shaper’ has undergone monumental perceptual change over our evolutionary history. What is required, at this significant juncture, is again another catalyst of consciousness change. This may come about through discoveries in the field of quantum biology, and the idea, emphasized by Ervin Laszlo in his previous blogs, that the form of consciousness we possess is likely to be the result of quantum coherence.

The post is now simultaneously hosted on the popular Huffington Post website - you can read here.

The blog post was limited to 1,000 words and so is by necessity rather brief and does not go into any significant detail on the points raised. This blog, however, is an extract from a longer paper (7,000 words) that will be published in the World Futures journal. 

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