Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Festive Wishes

I would like to wish all readers of 'BETWEEN BOTH WORLDS' - as well as everyone else - warm & heartfelt wishes for the end of 2008. I thank everyone for being exactly who they are...





Sunday, December 21, 2008

Four Stages of Spirit

Here, perhaps, are likely Four Stages of the Spirit:

1. First we recognise our link to Spirit is rusty

Then we begin to clean our link

Then we learn how to utilise, and manipulate, our connection

Then we learn to accept Spirit... and flow.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aligning to the new, Dis-connecting from the old

There was a sense of urgency in my changes. A need for Re-alignment and Re-connection. Yet there is no magical pill: I'm still sitting here without a job and unclear of my future direction. However, I have complete faith in how the future will unfold. All I know is that I am where I am meant to be: and there is nothing I need (except cash!!). All my belongings are now safely stored at the family home. I am ready for new alignments.

There is no emotionality; in fact, the 'shifting'; or 'waking up'; or 're-aligning' - however we wish to call it - is, for me, about utilisation of energy. Without sufficient inner energy we are unable to make these changes.

Here's why - in my own understanding: we have allotted to our physical body a fixed amount of energy. Usually this energy is expended in our daily tasks; and expended at alarming rates through emotional thoughts/actions. Part of the 'entertainment/distraction' industry is to relieve us of our energy, leaving us with just enough to complete the average day (watch out for daytime soaps!). In order to make a push to shift our positioning we require surplus energy. And usually this surplus energy just isn't available - we are spent; energy-shriveled. By storing and retaining our own energies we are better equipped for 'breaking the spell'. Here lies one of the dangers in the saturation of mis-information and excessive negative fear-mongering: it depletes us before we have begun.

So, I did mention before (silly me!) that I had been working with some pointers for my own shift. I'd like to briefly summarise what I have been working with. I must emphasize that nothing I say is original; it's not 'mine' - nothing is 'ours'; and that we've all probably been working along the same lines without naming it. I'm just gonna put a few concepts into brief words. Perhaps we'll resonate along with the ride?

ONE: Be Watchful

· Watchful of thoughts, words & deeds: everything has a vibratory quality.

· Be tolerant; take nothing personal; reserve judgement

· Don’t be tied into belief: don’t walk between belief or non-belief – just walk with what you understand or don’t understand. Belief in ‘un-belief’ is still a belief.

· Restraint: beware of impulsiveness; create inner discipline. No unnecessary haste.

· Don’t indulge – step lightly

TWO: Safeguard Your Energy

  • Energy Retention, Energy Intention: use your energy for yourself or lose it.

  • Energy is a material quantity. We have so much energy in our lifetime; it is a quantitative value. Therefore, we should use it as such, not as an limitless resource.

  • Focus intention for energy: Save & store energy: do not be wasteful. Increase mental energy. Why? We give out our energy too easily: personal negentropy. We need energy to evolve.

  • Desires are a primary way of losing energy: takes up time and energy: thus, control & focus desires – aim to attain. Fanciful desires distract and sap us; focused desire towards real goal can provide power & fuel
  • Ordinary life distracts – learn to ration it. Don’t lose/put your energy into material things: don’t let matter control man. Material things can take our conscious energy, demanding more and more of our awareness, thus increasing our slavery to our possessions

THREE: Self-Vigilance

    • Be aware always of your mental state: everything is Mind.

    • Negativity wants to be King of the Roost: deny this, take away its power.
    • Retain & Recall: memorise positive moments; recall them when needed – change the polarity of your mind: maintain the positive polarity – this will help to influence your environment.
    • Lose self-importance.
    • Don’t jump to conclusions or make assumptions.

FOUR: Work With Your Attention

· Put your attention onto the Now: make the present moment important for you.

· Even small acts are significant: the worth of something is not in relation to how we measure it.

· Learn how to give attention when needed: many people ask for it indirectly.

· Be attentive of your breathing.

· Energy flows where attention goes.

· Do everything consciously: eat consciously.

· Be attentive to your physical positions – awareness of movements. Conscious moving, aware of body positions. Feel the body too.

· Be aware of the senses: smell, taste, touch, sight & hearing. Don’t become automatic to the senses.

· Do your best in everything – reciprocal influence. All our actions create an influence in the world that will manifest in some way.

FIVE: Stepping Into Yourself

· Be Internally Removed: Silence of the Self.

· Creating quiet moments for reflection: halt the inner chatter.

· Be kind to yourself: critical yet nurturing .

· Learn self-observation.

· Know your fears: is it a situation or a problem?

· Responsibility, love & duty to oneself first – then others.

· Time for your inner being: create a relationship.

· Take everything as a learning experience.

· Our worst enemies: greed, anger, self-esteem. Self-esteem leads to self-delusion, so great is its need. Careful: greed for generosity is still greed!

· Don’t ‘inflate’ oneself to appear important for others: this will only diminish your own being.

SIX: Rationality

· Allow the unbelievable; Welcome the unpredictable.

· Think for yourself: clever thoughts only impress the shallow, yet leave no lasting trace.

· Leave rational-conditioning at the door; don't invite the guest to stay!

· Shift away from assembly-line thinking; modern man is little other than the ‘Fordism of thinking’.

· Don’t discredit what may appear to be an affront to your beliefs, ideals, and reasoning; ie. don’t become your own barrier before you’ve even taken the first step. Take enjoyment in stepping out of yourself. Begin without prejudice.

· Reasoning often means finding a reason to continue believing what you already believe.

· Patience is a virtue – but only at the right time. Everything has its place.

Everyone is tied by invisible threads to everyone else: we are constantly in a state of invisible reciprocity. We need to remember that every act has an action & reaction. Everything we do, big or small, has a bearing and influence upon our future. We do not exist in a vacuum: we are in a sea of vibrant life.We are never alone: we are as near or as far as we make ourselves to be. It is often our illusion of separation that creates our attachment to materiality and escapist practices.Don’t fear separation – there is none. Don’t fear death – it is not the end. Don’t fear yourself – you are limitless. Don’t fear the future – may it be a time for transparency and expansion.De-activate your own fear. De-activate old programming, anxieties, and suppression.

These are some of the points I have been working with... so I'd thought I would share. Take them as a friendly chat; I know no more, no less than you...


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Breaking the Spell

Recently I wrote a post titled 'The Story So Far' which gave a brief outline to my current thinking and, basically, why I had thrown in my job and house and made a complete 'shift' in my life affairs. It was all about trying to position myself in a place/space more suited to the direction I wanted my life to go in. Over the many years of my own research - my traveling and working abroad included - as well as the nearly 6 years of this blog I have generated a shift in my own perceptions. I see the world very differently from how I did those years ago. Yet I came to a point where 'something' in me needed change to such a degree that a cable snapped. I knew that I could not continue as I was doing: if I did, I would just be treading water and doing a great dis-service to my Self.

I had read so many books over the years that I finally ran dry in my inspiration for what to read next: an old Eastern proverb says that a donkey may be carrying many books yet it is still a donkey. I have been carrying these books for a long time now. I understand that the world - our reality - is not what it appears to be: that the reality-consensus everyone 'agrees' to is an energetic matrix of lies and falsehoods. I grew more 'aware', yet I was still firmly strapped in my canoe without a paddle. So I decided to make a change in my position; to 'shift my assemblage' as Castaneda/don Juan would say. Instead of pacing up and down the wall, carrying a lantern often, I took a step sideways.

The 8th Century Persian Sufi Rabia, from Basra, was asked one lovely spring morning by a friend to come outside to see the works of God. She replied, "Come you inside that you may behold their Maker. Contemplation of the Maker has turned me aside from what He has made"

The external world is an extension of the internal: the source of our connection then is through our internal relations. Real change comes through spring-cleaning our own house. This includes cleaning our energies and being mindful of our 'produce': ie. thoughts and emotions.

Rabia also famously commented:O Lord! If I worship you from fear of hell, cast me into hell. If I worship you from desire for paradise, deny me paradise.

This is indicative of how we often position ourselves based on conditioning: our desires for heaven or fear of hell. Yet all these desires are themselves programmed positions and implanted veils.

In order for myself to be 'allowed' to think anew, I had to change my physical life positions. I had to act so that my mental, emotional, and physical energies were taken out of their habits and made fluid once again. This was to be a stimulus to change rather than the change itself. Too much talking had already been engaged with:

The learned man who only talks will never penetrate to the inner heart of man - Saadi of Shiraz

To break the spell requires that one penetrates to the heart of themselves. From here, there can be more profound action upon the world - as the world is energy and the human heart is energy. To live a life without profundity is to miss the point, I feel. Yet one's life cannot be measured by external social status, or 'coffee spoons' as in TS Elliot's 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock':

For I have known them all already, known them all-

Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons,

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.

We must find our own positioning of meaning in order to organise our own inner worlds. From this we are better equiped to deal with the consensus reality.

In the next post I will lay out a few points that have helped me to re-organise my positioning and break the spell.


Monday, November 17, 2008


I have always read the books of Tahir Shah - and I am now pleased to see his presence on YouTube. Here is a brief story that deserves a few minutes of our attention:

Friday, October 31, 2008

Letting Go of Pettiness

I paraphrase what a teacher once said:

'if people focused their energies on being impeccable they wouldn't have time to engage themselves in pettiness. It already takes all our time and energies just to conquer the idiocy in us - and that is what matters. The rest is of no importance.'

The pettiness that exists in all of us; in our actions and our relationships in the world around us can be quite profound. It's mostly because we do not recognise it: it is disguised as 'ordinary life'. It's in the media, the news, the gossip, at work, in the streets. It's almost all that we encounter; after all, life distracts. That's what it does best - it distracts us from ourselves.

We didn't come here for this. We came here to 'be ourselves'; to be the best we are able to be, and to learn how to harness our consciousness to evolve ourselves. What's happening?

It's a maze. Yet perhaps one of the best tools we have for our navigation is our own integrity. We can strive to be impeccable with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us.

We are better than this. We are better than the pettiness that bombards us daily. Let it go...

Let me tell a story:

There were two dervishes traveling together. One of them was old and the other was the younger student. They had traveled together for many years; all the time the younger student believing he was learning to be rightous in the shadow of his teacher. His own belief in value of his actions gave him faith along his Path. One day both travelers came to a river crossing. Yet the water had recently risen and was waist high. At the side of the river was a young attractive lady, sensual yet distressed. She was afraid of water and sought help in crossing.

The younger student immediately shunned her as he felt it was not right for him to touch such a lady who was clearly disreputable. Suddenly, without hesitation, the older dervish picked up the young lady, slung her on his back, and carried the young woman across the river. When he got to the other side he put her down and carried on walking. Not a word was spoken.

The young dervish hurried after his teacher, surprised and bewildered. He could not believe that his teacher, whom he had trusted and followed all these years, could act in such an immodest way. The young man was fuming. He wanted to confront the older man yet knew it best to keep quiet until a suitable moment. All day though the younger student trailed behind the older man, shaking his head and cursing himself for wasting so many years. The whole day went on like this. The younger man's faith was in turmoil. Finally, they came to a place where the older dervish wanted to rest for the night. They sat in silence for a while.

Knowingly, the older dervish finally smiled and said to the younger one: 'Now you can tell me what is on your mind'.

The younger man spilled his day's frustrations and anger; his incredulity at the other's 'non-spiritual' behaviour. When he had finished ranting the older dervish quietly turned to the young man and said:

'I picked that woman up and carried her across the river. When I got to the other side I put her down. But you are still carrying her'

In a way, we all are like Sinbad carrying that old man on his back also. Okay, now on to other things...

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Story So Far...

Much has been happening in the external world, yet within me there has been increased silence. The posting on this blog has been reflective of this. Time for an update.

In the past this blog has posted frequently upon such issues as military technologies & paranormal warfare; mind control; black ops; UFO cover-ups and Disclosure; as well as discussions on spiritual evolution; global consciousness; shamanic practice and DNA programming; and transcendental matters.

This present time - in my understanding - is a 'War of Consciousness'. In brief, the finer energies are impacting upon the heavier energies of our earthly/solar physical dimension as part of a process of cosmic/solar/planetary/individual evolution. Yet this process is not wished by all. There are 'factions of control' that wish to sustain the heavier energies and dismantle the finer energies by anchoring in 'heavy thoughts'. These are thoughts of fear, worry, death, violence, anger, hatred, etc. The current global situation mirrors this process.

On one level it is about oil, resources, and physical global control. On another level - a much more subtle level - it is about creating conditions that produce heavy conscious energy as a barrier/wall against the incoming finer energies.

For this reason I have shifted the emphasis of this blog away from posts that manifest these 'heavier subjects'. There will be no more occult/black ops messages here. I do not wish to distract focus or attention away from what is the prime issue: our evolution.

The evolutionary process will not be halted by these desperate attempts to imprison consciousness. There is too much at stake. The energies of higher vibration have an immense power. According to my intuition, the 'intelligences' behind the evolutionary shift are a step ahead of the game. They know exactly what they are doing - and they are not worried. Neither should we. Just get with the game plan and do our job: that is, to increasingly anchor in the finer, incoming energies. We are needed in order to filter the energies into the physical earth, like transducers. In turn, we will be fine-tuned. Such a perspective can help to shift one's life situation.

I have recently left my promising academic career; moved my location; shifted myself into a space whereby my priorities are aligned with a positive future and not with 'the system'. Wherever I will be, it will be where I was meant to be. That is all I know. I have no knowledge of my future - no crystal ball - just great faith.

I will keep posting on this blog, yet I will leave 'global updates' to others far more qualified than me. There are some wonderful bloggers out there doing a magnificent job. I salute them all.

These days I have less to say. Less to get frustrated about. We all know we are in a prison. My attitude is not to smash against the wall: we were put 'on the inside' for a purpose: to take it apart brick by brick from the inside. We are the dismantlers. Keep the positive: enlarge it, grow it inside like you're a pot of fertilizer; meditate on it; send it out...send it out. And don't believe the hype. Yes, it is bad out there. Rocks are falling and heads will be smashed. Yet everything is in place for something momentous. Crazy, but a great time to be here.

We all know who we are.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty

After seeing this interview with author Naomi Wolf I thought it was important to post it here. Naomi Wolf is a reputable author, critic, and activist, whose work has been taught on many university courses. In this video she is visibly scared at the acceleration of events. Although she discusses the fate of America, I feel this also corresponds to change within the 'bigger picture'.

See also Naomi Wolf's interview with Riz Khan on Al Jazeeri:

Part One and Part Two

Above all - Keep Informed & Stay Positive!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

What is the true purpose of our life?

This question was asked to Billy Meier; interestingly, he answered:

The purpose of our life is for us to evolve - the advancement and continued development of our being at a constant pace to ever higher levels. The purpose of evolution lies within the concept of achieving the highest possible human development, including love, harmony, ability, knowledge and wisdom. Evolution not only serves to bring human entities to a high level of knowledge and wisdom so they may lead a life in harmony with Creation's laws and commandments and the like: Through our evolution we also assist Creation with Its own evolution. Just as humans and nearly all life is in need of evolutionary advancement, so, too, is Creation, the Universal Consciousness. Even Creation is only relatively perfect and It must evolve to ascend to higher forms of Its own existence. And to achieve Its objective, Creation requires human beings who evolve over the course of billions of years into pure-spirit-forms and from these into still higher forms of existence, extending through to the Petale level. There occurs the transition into Creation, into the Universal Consciousness, and transpires the unification, the "becoming one." In this manner Creation assimilates these former human spirit forms, which have by then evolved to their own highest level and which, initially, had originated from Creation in order for It to evolve through these human entities. During their unification with Creation, all the accumulated knowledge and wisdom are also absorbed by Creation, and thus It elevates Its own evolution by a fraction of an iota, and advances some time later into the next higher Creation level. After an incredibly long time, this subsequent Creation continues evolving until it becomes one with the Absolute Absolutum. The Absolute Absolutum is the highest level and all-encompassing form a Creation can attain, and yet even the Absolute Absolutum must continue Its evolution process into all-Great-Time and chronological endlessness.


Monday, September 15, 2008

New Energies


These are times of transition as new energies impact upon the Earth. It will effect each of us in different ways. For some of us it will necessitate a change in our life circumstances as we feel an 'urge' - a need - to re-position ourselves for new growth. A lot of information is now coming out concerning 2012 - and much 'mish-mash' too. Everyone has to make up their own minds. For starters, I would direct people to read the new essay from David Wilcock over at Divine Cosmos titled '2012 Politics I: Grand Overview' - below is an excerpt:


Several other sources of data, some from ancient Hindu scriptures and others from insider witnesses, suggest that this big energy shift in 2011-2013 will be triggered by a monumental blast of energy from the Sun. The Mayan Calendar, according to the Law of One series, was a highly accurate system for measuring these natural cycles in the Earth, Sun and Galaxy, and was given to the Mayans by another sixth-density group assisting humanity thousands of years ago...

...Again, the whole game on Earth is about spiritual growth. That’s what we’re here for — and the hope, from the higher perspective, is to cultivate an environment where as many people will ‘graduate’ as possible...

...Our conclusion will be that strongly negative aspects of the world government are falling apart as we speak, and incredible synchronicities have been given that dovetail with hard data to validate the point. So, if you’re worrying about how things might turn out, relax your mind.

There will be various events that create shock, of course, but the overall trendline will continue flowing in a more and more positive direction. This is all part of the "shift" that is taking place.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Before Our Great Adventure Begins

Some words to ponder:

The earth belongs to nobody, and if we don't take care of it and ourselves as a whole species, we will not survive. That I guarantee. We will not be able to explore all the other worlds that are out there just waiting for us to visit.

The most important thing we can do as a species is to become more spiritually connected with our surroundings. We are powerful beings. We use less than 10 percent of our brains. The other 90% is there for a reason. We need to use it.

I think we are going to have a hard time adjusting to knowing our true history, but in the end, we will be better for it. The universe will be ours, as it is for other beings. We will then learn to spread life through the universe like our ET fathers and mothers did for us to exist.

We will see beautiful planets with unusual life on them. We will understand the secrets for generating civilizations where there are none. We will be looked at as gods by other civilizations. In reality, we already are, we just don't know it or act like it. We have a lot to learn before we go on that adventure.

Extract from this interview

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Late Third Density - the best party in town?

Have you ever had a similar question to this:

Q - 'We’re wondering just exactly what are we doing here? It seems to many people who have awakened that we’re just trying to get out of a bad situation; get out of a prison; go someplace else. Isn’t there something more that we’re doing here in this third density than just trying to escape?'

An answer given to this question was:

A - It is very humorous to us that you would describe the planet of your choice as a prison, because each and every one of you in this room, and each and every person upon your planet that is alive at this time, fought tooth and nail, as it were, to get into line to have a body and come here at this time.

When one is not within the incredibly intense atmosphere of Planet Earth in extremely late third density, it looks like the best party in town. There is a unique opportunity that you have here in third density to make rapid changes in your balance between love, wisdom and power. And so many, many wanderers have come here with the desire to serve the planet secondary to their desire to alter the balance within their own deeper natures. Now, this begs the question of why the planet is indeed such an intensely vivid density, or why third density on this planet is so vivid...

...There are many hints that are built into third-density life. Your physical form is created in such a way that you need other people, and you must interact with other people. In order for the species to perpetuate, you must form relationships with other entities. And so the hints concerning service to self versus service to others are built into the human being’s very nature, both physical, mental and emotional.

And so as entities begin to lift themselves up from total immersion in the business of survival, they can begin to see that there is a way to live which they prefer. And so they begin to choose to live in love and in harmony with nature and with the Creator. Again, it is part of the human instinct to seek for the Creator. Part of what makes a third-density entity who he is is that instinct to seek for the Creator of his being and to give Him thanks and praise. And so you will not find populations or races or tribes of humankind, no matter how remote or undeveloped according to the earmarks of civilization, that do not have what you would call spirituality or religion as part and parcel of their society.

So, you have a school of souls. It is not a school that pushes entities to make decisions or that makes them at all obvious. Rather, it is a rich environment in terms of potential for choices.

(Extract taken from L/L Research)

It is worth remembering that 'Oftentimes, entities who are waking up feel terribly isolated and alone. This is not in fact the case, because of the enormous amount of unseen help that each entity has.'


Monday, August 25, 2008

The Wanderers - do you feel like one?

Familiar with the term of wanderer? Ever felt a little distanced from the world, or a little uneasiness when in the presence of people?

Wanderers are those souls/spirits who have incarnated here on planet Earth at this time in order to assist in the shift from 3rd - 4th density energies. Often such arrivals are from space/time of a differing vibration, hence the slight unease at having to manifest within the present Earth vibrations.

More in these words:

The role of the wanderers in these latter days, beginning perhaps fifty years ago now and coming to this present moment, has been to accelerate the speed at which the consciousness of Planet Earth was lightened and was lifted from the darkness of oppressive and repressive thinking, which focused upon early third-density behavior, such as defense and aggression when resources were considered desirable.

The new paradigm is that in which entities share and share alike, in which entities love each other, become harmonious with each other, and create one world of peace and prosperity. That kind of prosperity does not create huge differences in estate but rather tends toward that happy situation of there being enough of the resources that are needed for all entities.

It is not that this new paradigm can be put into effect and a new fourth-density planet be created in third density. That is not what we are saying. What we are saying is that in third density, the focus in terms of the purpose of third density is upon each emerging self-aware spirit or soul becoming able to make the free-will choice between the polarity of service to others and the polarity of service to self through faith alone.

The role of the wanderers, then, has been bravely and courageously to dare to enter into third-density incarnation, to come through the veil of forgetting, and then to count on their own awakening in time for them to join the lightening of Planet Earth in terms of where they put their energy and their love. Many are those wanderers who have waited until late to awaken, and so as each wanderer does awaken, it makes it ever more possible for other wanderers to awaken. And as the great bulk of wanderers begin to awaken, that makes it possible for the planetary population as a whole to awaken. So there really is a tipping point within the tipping point in terms of the awakening of the planet to love itself.

(Extract from L/L Research)

For more information read - If you feel you are a wanderer


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2012 - It Will Come and Go (but what are you going to do about it, that's what I'd like to know)

I personally don't feel there will be a dedicated 'switch-on' point for the new energies, like switching on the light in a room. The energies are already coming in, seeping through the veil, and causing physical disturbances and mental resonances. Yet in the upcoming years the 2012 'moment' will most likely be a signifier, or marker, for the 'visibility' of the new energies to be more manifest. 2012 will come and go, yet we can invest in what shall remain.

In this light I suggest these words:

We realize that it is difficult to imagine what shall happen after the year 2012, since that is when third density ends and fourth density begins. And we can only describe to you that which is to occur by asking you to realize that all of the densities of Planet Earth within this octave, one through seven, are nested together and interpenetrate each other, much as the various channels on your television set are nested together, being picked up by the same transmitters and receivers and being available by the turn of the knob from one to another to another.

Indeed, there are those among your peoples who are able to switch from the channel of third density to the channel of fourth density now, and who can somewhat reliably report on the development of fourth density. Fourth density, indeed, is fully formed at this time. Because it would violate the free will of third-density entities, fourth density chooses not to be seen, not to be visible to the five senses of your human bodies. Yet it is impossible to eliminate or hide the vibrations of fourth density, which are interpenetrating third density at this time.

Indeed, it is not even desirable to attempt to hide or remove these waves upon waves of fourth-density energy. For they are another part of that which is enabling the last of those who would be harvested at the end of third density on Planet Earth to do their work, to proceed, and to polarize to the extent that they shall, with no trouble whatsoever, walk the steps of light that lead into fourth density...

...There has been an ever-increasing energy among those who are incarnate upon Planet Earth at this time towards desiring to retake the reins of stewardship of Gaia, of Mother Earth, and to administer healing and restoration to the planet which has been so loving and so good to them, and has been their home. And this shall continue for some hundreds of your years to be that great work which many who graduate from third density wish to accomplish before they move on into other lessons...

... It is likely that those who are polarizing towards negative graduation shall continue to hog the news, the headlines, and the avenues of power on this planet. And yet the vast majority of the population of Planet Earth lives without regard to the avenues of power, looking for truth, justice, liberty, beauty and all the fourth-density values within the humble pages of a humbly-lived life. And it is precisely within those humble pages, within those humble lives that your service lies at this time.

(Extracts taken from L/L Research)

Contribution does not need to be magnificent - just be magnanimous in self.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Can we make a difference?

Yes - in our very presence we make a difference in each moment. It is the quality of that 'difference', or degree of contribution, which is the central issue:

At first this voice was heard by very few... It has indeed carried to the ends of the Earth. It has done its part in bringing the planetary population of Earth close to a tipping point.

The one known as --- has spoken of the “Hundredth Monkey Effect”, and we would speak of that as well. From the hunger of a few who wished to seek the truth, there has been given as gifts from person to person and group to group, that same hunger. It is an infectious hunger, and it spreads because the nature of third-density entities is to have that hunger. And so that hunger keeps surfacing, no matter what else is occurring within your culture.

And as the energies of repression and fear have moved heaven and earth—literally—to bring the planetary population to a point of permanent fear and submission, they have, in effect, shot their bolt. They have come to the end of what they can do with fear, violence and war, whereas the voice of love has only just begun. So the purpose...during this last five years [towards 2012 and the new energies] is to continue that spread of positively oriented material which may be of help to those who are seeking spiritually in the polarity of service to others.

To wish to engage with these changing times does not require that everyone who desires should take a role of martyrdom or direct action. Much can be given through more subtle interactions: by simply being in presence with the right intentions and energy.

The only 'war' that is being waged right now is the 'war for consciousness' - I suggest we don't give ours away too easily....


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Putting our foot on the Inner Accelerator

Below are just some of the latest crop circles to have appeared in July 2008 alone, and only within the UK - all to be done by men with planks in one night, I wonder??

Activity is on the increase - We must put our foot on the inner accelerator

Are we being prepared for disclosure?


Astronaut confesses

BBC Interview

Cardiff chase

Are we Ready?


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Be the Change

Dolphin Mandala

We can all change: in fact, that's why we are 'here' right now - wherever that 'here' might be.

Transformation comes through transmutation - we are the alchemists of our own selves. And the alchemical fire is burning very bright these days...its literally raining down on us...entering through the atmosphere and into our very selves/cells. We can all be the change. It takes a choice, and each day we make a myriad of choices. We choose what to allow into our minds and consciousness, and which to filter.

In the words of one person who made the change:

Change your life and become a healthier, happier, better you!

Nature provides us with everything we need physically; Spirit or the Higher Power provides us with everything we need to be whole in mind and soul. These together, work in harmony to bring out the best in you.

Through new ways of seeing yourself, your life, and your surroundings, and improving how you treat your body...such as better nutrition, supplements, herbs, homeopathy, less toxic substances and enjoyable exercise... you will begin to see a New You emerge. We will work together to make sure Mind, Body and Spirit are all taken care of carefully and gently. Balance is the key.

Let the Metamorphosis begin!

Extract (and above picture) from metamorphosis


Friday, August 01, 2008

The Science of Peace

'Is there a “consciousness field” of “radiant mind energy” that we all share? Could this be causing the changes we are now witnessing on the Earth and throughout the solar system? Does it have any effect on DNA, including complete species transformation?

Is this ‘Mind Field’ the ultimate answer to solving financial collapse, terrorism, violent crime and all manner of Earth Changes, leading to a true Science of Peace? … Yes.' says David Wilcock

In 'The Science of Peace' Wilcock addresses the following issues:

What if there was a whole science to studying this energy of the Mind Field — how it behaves, what it 'does,' how it can be harnessed, and how it is affecting our entire planet… nay, our solar system… at this time?

What if no matter how "right" we think we are, the Universe actually is a thinking, super-intelligent Being… trying to get us to lighten our rigid, fixed perspectives and take in new information?

How would the Universe go about teaching us something we may not want to know… something we absolutely refuse to believe… if ultimately this knowledge is far more important than anything else we will ever say, think or do in any number of human incarnations?

What if it is vital to our very survival that we realize we are creating our own reality, far more than we may ever believe? … That government corruption, war, famine, terrorism and all manner of Earth Changes are a mirror reflection… of our own internal disharmony?

What if we already HAVE the answer to create Peace… a power that everyone can call upon and use, once we understand the fundamentals… and by putting the pieces together and studying them, we can share this knowledge with others — and help turn things around?

What if the final answer to "save the world" is already known — ever since the dawn of Time — but the "Prime Directive" of the Universe is free will, so you still have to make up your own mind… you can never be force-fed information, no matter how vital it might be to your survival and ultimate spiritual growth?

More things to ponder about the connections between human 'free will', global mind field, the global energy grid, and earth changes...

The mind can never be bored - Especially when Wilcock's site gives free downloads of his three online books:

Shift of the Ages: Scientific Proof for Ascension

Science of Oneness

The Divine Cosmos: A Breathtaking New View of Reality

See - David's Online Library for more resources.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Energy goes where attention flows

There has been a quietness gathering inside of me over the past few months. I have been less active on this site; less active in following the threads of spiraling events, circumstances, and conspirational truths. Yes:

And much much more....

Yet the critical question for me these days is: Am I taking energy from myself or giving energy to myself? Am I taking energy from others or giving energy to others?

At all times it is imperative that individuals empower and nourish their energetic selves, and not allow disempowering thought forms to reside. Individuals are the circuitry for an emerging world of new energies.


"proper training of your mind, along with meditative/relaxation practice is the most important “safe place” preparation...Just remember - the real problems are generated in the mind. If you can train your mind, you have your island of light - your safe spot...Remember - train and prepare your mind and your hearts - then all else will be easy for you."

Q - Where will the 'safe havens' be for a critical future?

A - Within your Heart

Energy goes where attention flows - What's your attention focused on?


Monday, June 23, 2008

Reaching those energetic backwaters

As the days and months pass it is inevitable that more of us approach crossroads of choices: these are periods/moments/windows in a person's path where opportunities occur for more significant choices and decisions to be made. Decisions taken at these fluid and sensitive times will have more impact upon how the future unfolds for the person. It is also about making choices about the 'type of path' one wishes to follow. The days ahead are where choices made have much more meaning. Each step becomes a manifestation of our inner intentions; each step resonates ever more greatly as the new energies coming in amplify these actions.

As one writer puts it:

As the cosmic energy environment rises in vibrational frequency and continues to rise, the darker elements become progressively disempowered. They are unable to infringe through brute force on those individuals moving towards the Light... individual on this path needs to complete the removal of any dead or stale energy which may be encrusted in places where new energy has yet to circulate. There is an important role for high vibration spiritual healing in reaching all these energetic backwaters and cleaning them out. This restores the flow of life energy within both physical and etheric bodies.

From The Revolution of 2012: Vol 2 - The Challenge

As well as being a time for purification and unblocking of personal energies, it is also about personal re-alignment. That is, trying to put oneself into harmony and balance with both the internal and external environment: within oneself as well as with the cosmos.

The future may be uncertain and potentially highly chaotic. Yet it is also - importantly - a time for right and true choices to be made. A time for moving oneself forward towards one's true intentions.

A time for liberation, perhaps?


Friday, June 20, 2008

Heavenly Father - A Calm Before the Storm?

We are bathed in the constant rays of our sun. How our sun 'shifts' will determine how we are influenced. We are embalmed in the consciousness of our sun. How our sun evolves in consciousness and solar vibration will determine our own internal resonance.

June 17, 2008, latest SOHO image of sun still free of sunspots. March 2008 was supposed to be the beginning of new solar cycle headed toward solar maximum in 2011 to 2012. But the sun has been so calm that some scientists wonder if instead of NASA's expectation of an intense new solar cycle, the sun might go the opposite direction - similar to the 17th century Maunder minimum, in which there were no sunspots for 50 years. The result then was the "Little Ice Age.” What is our sun going to do?

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Great Turning

More and more people are feeling a 'pull 'n' push' towards downsizing and re-evaluating one's life principles and needs. It is because these are the days/weeks/months when the incoming energies are breaking apart the old thinking - the old paradigm of survival - and replacing it with the new paradigm of creation, communication, and collaboration.

These are the times when our own reflexive selves will choose which type of future we prefer to be a part of... we are literally now between both worlds: between the old and the new. It just hasn't yet been 'decided' or 'chosen' which type of new world this will be. Here are some thoughts from David Korten's The Great Turning:

Life is a journey not a destination. We have no idea of the limits of its possibilities...We now face the imperative and the opportunity to embark on a path to a new era grounded in the partnership relations of Earth Community. The time of reckoning with the consequences of Empire's excess is no longer a future event. It is now upon us...

...We are getting a wake-up call we cannot ignore. How we respond will determine whether Creation's gift of reflective consciousness was well conceived or overly reckless. To pass the test before us, we humans must demonstrate the intelligence and the moral maturity to liberate ourselves from the addictions of Empire and to use our gifts wisely in the service of the whole.

Rather than to give in to despair in this often frightening time, let us rejoice in the privilege of being alive at a moment of creative opportunity unprecedented in the human experience...Let our descendants look back on this time as the time of the Great Turning, when humanity made a bold choice to birth a new era devoted to actualizing the higher potentials of our human nature.

The work begins with embracing the truth that is within our means to choose our future and to place our capacity for reflective choice at the service of Creation's continued unfolding.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

For more information visit the website of the book - The Great Turning


Friday, June 06, 2008

Simple Principles for Transformation

Here are some principles that upon reading recently I wanted to share. Being 'between both worlds' is also about becoming familiar with our inner worlds and how they interact with both the physical world around us as well as the transcendental realms.

Simple Principles for Transformation

Web of Love

  • Your sacred love flows in to me.
  • My sacred love flows out to you.

Principles of Transformation

  • Seeing the Divine in all
  • Nurturance of life
  • Gratitude

Ho'oponopono healing technique

  • I love you
  • I'm sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you

W. Mitchell video

  • It's not what happens to you that matters, it's what you do about it.

Building a Brighter Future

  • Develop purpose and intentions for your life.
  • Transform fear into acceptance and love.
  • Take personal responsibility for building a brighter future.
  • Avoid secrecy and encourage openness and transparency.
  • Move beyond polarization and the focus on "good vs. evil" and "us vs. them."

These words are extracted from the Transformation Team


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Now is the time for everything

Part of the process is shedding the skin - unlearning the learnt. These are unprecedented times:

All Roads Lead Away From Rome

You are to disengage yourself from your old identity and disassociate from a declining Rome. After falling asleep profoundly, you are now expected to wake up, equally profoundly. Now is the time to dismantle all false identity. Now is the time to forget that which has been learned in deference to that which is deeply known. Now begins the awesome process of altering human history. Now is the time for everything, and now is here.

From now on, where will all roads lead: towards fear? Or towards a creative future of the Spirit?

It helps if we understand that what we take to be 'reality' is brought into manifestation through attention and intention. The dynamic of co-creation is that the universe often responds to human thought waves whether we are 'for' or 'against' the subject. Again:


The reality that you live is nothing more than an audio-visual demonstration of where your attention is. The universe presumes your attention is on what you want and graciously provides you with more of the same. If this dynamic were understood, you would never do anything so foolish as to declare a war on drugs—unless, of course, your objective were to create more of them. There is no better way to increase drug traffic than to have everyone’s attention focused on it. This same principle applies to increasing everything you think you oppose, and it is also the reason a war cannot be won. If you were serious about stopping drugs, the best course would be to stop being fascinated with them via your perceived opposition. Become fascinated with freedom instead, and your addictions will disappear naturally to satisfy your new preoccupation.

Because you have yet to understand your power of creation and who you really are, you perpetually put your attention on denial instead of affirmation. This results in the universe serving up an extra helping of what you thought you didn’t want. Although a number of you practice the art of affirmation as a tool for changing your realities, you can affirm until you are blue in the face and they may fail. Unless your attention and your identity have also been altered to accommodate what you affirm, the universe has no option but to fulfill your real, though hidden, attention’s desires. Until you understand the role that your attention and sense of identity play in your creation, your affirmation track record will remain a perplexing hit-and-miss affair.

It is time to use your powers wisely and create realities that are worthy of who you are. You can do this by changing what you communicate to be real to the universe through your focus, and the identity you project by way of that identity’s behavior. If you do not make this fundamental shift, you will continue to transmit the same old tired requests to a universe that will dispassionately and lovingly respond with the same old tired and often toxic answers.

All excerpts taken from a highly readable - and amusing- manual from some off-world friends. For a highly recommended read see E.T. 101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Healing the Luminous Body

I have discussed Homo Luminous before on this blog, and the shamanic teachings of Alberto Villoldo. His institute The Four Winds Society offers teaching material for the training of western shamans. This material comes from a long tradition of the Earthkeepers whose sacred knowledge of feminine energies was kept alive throughout the centuries of masculine dominance. Much of the material here correlates with other material emerging at this time, and again emphasizes that such knowledge is being released now because these are auspicious times. A video of Alberto Villoldo speaking is below. Consider for yourself:

Online Videos by

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Co-Creating the Future: a new age of chivalry

The future, as astronaut Edgar Mitchell once said, is not to be discovered but created. This involves the co-creative partnership of combining ‘right mind’ or ‘right thinking’ with moments of change.

As the Internet increasingly becomes a space where people are becoming the creators, co-designers, and participating in peer-to-peer applications, a new form of complex interconnectivity is forming. This rapid acceleration of social connectivity is fostering what can be called ‘amplified shared knowledge’: knowledge sharing through digital social networks and collaborative tools such as Wikipedia. In effect these are collaborative tools designed to augment human intelligence and are being referred to as forms of an emerging collective intelligence. The term ‘collective intelligence’ can also mean bacterial, hive or insect intelligence; artificial intelligence; the spiritual ‘noosphere’; the ‘global mind’; ecology; and political governance. Whether in biological or social terms, the capacity for what is defined as ‘collective intelligence’ involves the ability to transmit, receive, utilize, and ultimately share, flows of information. It is an attempt to make human groups as conscious as possible of what they are doing together.

In terms of human-to-human connectivity, the transformation into planetary citizenship will be greatly affected by how our thoughts influence one another. How the future may/could be depends to a large degree upon how we ‘think’ and ‘feel’ and ‘believe’ about the future. After all, we are not separate from our environment. It is now quite well understood that we form part of a fabric/field of mind and intention. Fear and negativity poison our environment and tears holes into this invisible fabric in which we are immersed at all times. Fear has always been the principal tool of oppressors; it both dampens our energies and ambitions and deadens our thoughts. Fear degrades us, and insults our intelligence.

Grandfather Stalking Wolf once said that:

If a man could make the right choices, then he could significantly alter the course of the possible future. No man, then, should feel insignificant, for it only takes one man to alter the consciousness of mankind through the Spirit-that-moves-in-all-things. In essence, one thought influences another, then another, until the thought is made manifest throughout all of Creation. It is the same thought, the same force, that causes an entire flock of birds to change course, as the flock then has one mind...

We have an obligation to seed the fields of our human collective intelligence with the right choices, to influence a future we most care about. This is not sugary sweetness; these are the songs for an emerging age of chivalry. Where have all the troubadours gone, we may ask?

They are still here - within the songs that each one of us can sing. This, perhaps, is the essence of
Spirit that moves-in-all-things.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Shift

Find out more about The Shift