Sunday, November 30, 2003

Excerpts from the archives: selected poems from 1992-1995


I like you
But the world does continue

And we cannot remain
Upon temporary desires

Or dreams born from
The restless mind.

We cannot make
A world

Out of the small things
That absorb us

Only for the moment
And then are gone

Or we would never
See the world

Through the false thickness
Of the air.


And the butterfly
started to die ;

he didn't know that
what he wanted was
also killing him.

And the butterfly
started to die
as he burnt himself
against the light.


Like little sea creatures
In a shell we lay

pressed against
the pressured air ;

too silent to be moved,
showing ourselves

as the layered rock
shows earth's growth
from youth.

Tiny thumb prints of some desire
we wish to encapture

and keep between the flesh,

to seep from our pores
on every embrace

to smell the skin
on every kiss

like honest things.


My name

like scattered glass splinters
amidst the snow

waits to be found
and cupped together

under fragile hands.

My name

with each syllable
and cracked with
uneven edges

waits to be called

and held together
fragile hands.


A man who lives on the outside of his skin
is he who dies being a stranger within.


I bought myself a book,
but not the time to read it.
Love – I can’t buy time.

I spend my nights in knowledge,
immersed in the words of others.
Love – I can’t buy wisdom.

I walked the ways of others,
my foot following their prints.
Love – I can’t buy truth.

The world doesn’t give us the ways
to reach our ends; it only posts
signs like an open highway.


Monday, November 24, 2003

The harmony of any system requires a selfless cooperation. It requires a recognition that separation is a facet of our own imaginations. We are not any more separate than the sun is separate to life on this earth. We think in terms of geographical space: the moon turns our moods – yet dare we imagine that non-local events may influence our daily selves? This is comic. There is no fundamental separation.

Every thought/action/desire is as if written in the sky in red cloud: our growth is recorded as a part of our evolution. Everything that goes out from us also returns to us – we decide its fate. The world we live in is deeply rooted in how we choose to interpret that world. Trust our own hearts – our own intentions.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The human nervous system is the evolutionary agent. It carries programming structure, in the form of DNA, and is itself the hardware for DNA software. It works with electrical impulses and so is affected by, and influences, other electrical fields. Thus, the new generation of humans being born into the ‘Information Age’ of an electronic environment are being impacted upon with electrical signals that must have some effect upon the human nervous system. To what degree can the human nervous system mutate under these new environmental impacts, knowing how we do that evolutionary change is dynamic in accordance with such impacts?

Are we thus agents of our own evolutionary change? The new direction seems to be towards the interior, encouraging a development of psychic, or psi, faculties that enhance a ‘beyond-soma’ consciousness.

The Earth as an intelligent self-regulatory body (ie. ‘Gaia Theory’) requires the functioning participation of its subsequent parts. This includes humankind as well as other animal and plant species. The present anthropomorphic view that humankind dwells in is a serious obstacle in maintaining these functional processes as we believe ourselves to be apart from rather than a part of the planetary processes around and within us. We believe ourselves to be greater than we are in the sense that our belief in superiority is seriously disenabling our capacity for responsibility and guardianship of our milieu, and thus the custodianship that is a part of our duty as a self-conscious reflexive species is being ignored and arrogantly overlooked.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Biological evolution is slow compared to the vastly increasing acceleration of technical and social evolution – this is fuelled by an ‘intellectual evolution’: or conscious evolution – our next stage towards unification/planetisation as information flows progress towards unifying us. Some thinkers see a future biotic interface between the brain and the virtual world that will mark a new stage in the emergence of a collective consciousness: 'a meta-consciousness capable of outliving the individual consciousnesses that make it up.’ (de Rosnay)

If we allow ourselves to consider evolution as a creative drive - then we may ask ourselves: is it goal-orientated? And if so, how can we address this question without the 'God' argument coming into play?

What is the purpose of convergence?

Friday, October 10, 2003

-Nature indeed abhors a vacuum. Thus, nothing exists in isolation – this concept is becoming more widely recognised due to findings in quantum physics and the notion of non-locality. Everything – it seems – is connected. Everything is in communion. This may be fine for those philosophically minded who recognise that consciousness can be ‘everywhere’: as Willis Harman said – ‘If consciousness is anywhere – it is everywhere’. Yet what if we push this idea towards terrestrial contexts: eg. Can human societies have non-local connection?

The answer due to modern technologies is – yes. Beginning with the Internet we are moving towards wireless connectivity: we can carry the World Wide Web around with us. Once we were only contactable – or found! – by mobile phone. Now we are contactable by video chat and by access to Net information wherever we may be. This leads us to ask – is human intelligence connected and what are the emergent properties of this? Will this lead to a collective global intelligence – or evolve into a collective consciousness? (see Peter Russell).

The question – when does non-local connectivity become conscious of itself? When does connectivity become intelligent? If information increasingly self-organises into greater arrangements of complexification – doesn’t this manifest an intelligence? And if so – what is the goal of such global connectivity in terms of species and social evolution? We are indeed at the edge of a significant leap in the human condition: the trouble is, if we don’t leap far enough, the abyss awaits below.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Although progress is deemed dynamic, at times unstable and complex, it nevertheless requires some degree of harmony. An orchestra is a complex dynamic whole: despite the kinetic contribution of each member, the emergent sound - in a functional orchestra - is harmonious. Just as in a balanced and functioning individual, both the left and right hemispheres should be in a balanced relationship. Both sides of the brain should be transferring signals, information, and be actively participating.

When great thinkers have stated that we should 'bring the wisdom of the East into the science of the West', they are symbolically referring to the entwining capacities of the brain hemispheres, such that the abstract wisdom teachings of Eastern traditions (which work upon activation of the right creative hemisphere) should be aligned with the linear, rational and analytic left-brain activity. Thus, the overall capacity should be greatly increased since the brain can function under emergent properties of a dynamic whole. EEG scans validate this as they show that participants undergoing meditation display a mirroring of brain waves between the two hemispheres: ie. they are in communication and alignment. This is what creates a sense of well-being in the individual.

If we are to examine the global brain metaphor of global communication technologies as mirroring the functioning of a biological living system in the capacity as the nervous system, then the left-right brain scenario could be said as representing the 'West and the Rest' - or the 'West-East' generalised split. Like a brain that is not functioning to true/full capacity, or even with a tumor?, it can be seen that unless the developing world is brought into line with the progress of developing countries a harmonious dynamic whole will not be achieved.

In a global body, all organs constitute a working network of interdependent participants. Would our hearts deny to pump blood to our lower regions because they couldn't afford the asking price? Would the stomach stock-pile food rather than donate it to less fortunate areas of our bodily metabolism? This would be absurd as it would affect the health of our entire body.

Yet in a global environment we do just this. The well-being of our whole planet, and our species, is being jeopardised by the greed of mechanistic thinking.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Intelligence increase requires greater complexity. Complexification leads to accelerated intelligence through increased speeds of information transfer and associated-thinking. Information is itself an energy-flow, as in all open systems. In order to retain more of the energy, which can be utilised in an interior manner for fueling conscious development, conscious lifestyle decisions must be made. Energy is constantly being wasted as thought and behaviour; through stress, negative thoughts, and uncontrolled physical movement.

Self-discipline is required to maximise one's quota of energy. Energy retained can be used for conscious thought processes that wire-up and connect further neural pathways. The greater the complexity of neural connections, the greater the potential for increased thought, intelligence, and associative (abstract) thinking.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

In a work published in 1999 titled EARTHDANCE: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris - available online - she writes the following:

"DNA is virtually the oldest thing in Earth's evolution still alive on its surface -- propagating itself from the beginning in an unbroken chain, as surface rock transformed into endless creatures, who recycled it in turn into sediments that were subducted back into the magma of origin by great tectonic plates. All the while, DNA's species came and went, playing their roles and then disappearing, while it continued the dance.

There is little reason to think, from a biological perspective, that humans will change the pattern of species flux and survive for the rest of the life of our planet without further evolving. We haven't even the patience to wait for natural evolutionary changes, but are impatient to redesign our own DNA. What does this urgency signify? Do we sense that we are on the brink of a huge new leap in evolution? Do we think altering our own biology, rather than exercising our consciousness, is the way to get there?"

This questions our method of achieving accelerated change, or growth in consciousness/intelligence - yet it also, like other works highlighted previously, acknowledges the wealth of information that is now pointing towards this 'huge new leap in evolution'. The signs can no longer be ignored. Instead we should endeavour to learn how to incorporate them into an ethical path for accelerated conscious evolution.

How to go about this is where we need discussion. Finally, we are in an age where the barriers between religion and science are merging. Science is bringing to the fore new understanding that only a century ago would not only be thought of as heretical but also as mysticism. Lets drop our primate conditioning and learn to learn again, through wider lens.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The nervous system is wired up through synaptic connections – electro-chemical bonds that are ‘fixed’ during early imprinting. Reality is thus the result of the patterns in our neural connections. Rather than a Newtonian view of biological reality it is one of networking and flow. Reality is formulated through patterns and dynamic processes that are themselves open to re-imprinting, change, and thus evolution. Reality then is not static but rather a neural-negotiation. And the Internet?
Timothy Leary, although overlooked in his work due to adverse publicity regarding his experimentation with LSD, was ahead of his time in some of his social comments. As a result of his research into mind/consciousness expansion through reimprinting of neural circuits he was made to be aware of both the power of social conditioning and, more importantly, the power in the human species to self-advance their own evolution. In his work titled 'Info-Psychology' we have the following insightful passage:

“The biological “master plan” of organic evolution located in DNA directs the unfolding of the circuits of the nervous system. One major goal of life is for the individual to becomes Increasingly Intelligent in order to decode somatic signals within the body, within the nervous system itself, signals from the DNA code and metaphysiological neuro-atomic energy patterns. The history of life and of humanity is best defined in terms of the evolution of the nervous system and of knowledge technologies.”

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Evolution is an inherently dynamic process, never static. It is in constant interaction, or cognition, within its whole milieu. The human body is thus in a dynamic state with its environment, be it actual or virtual – and adapts accordingly. The new mutation of the human species is through an inward dynamic rather than an outward move. The human nervous system is key here: as digital information is absorbed, new synaptic connections are developed.

The West has developed by isolating a person’s sensory development: community has been lost; art is not longer a ‘communal immersion’ but rather an individual onanistic experience. Thus, we have been starved of developmental input and the dynamism of collectivity.

Friday, September 12, 2003

In the ensuing years there will be a rise in chaos and upheaval. These are largely the manifestations of cosmic influences and the results of a shifting planetary evolution in line with a developmental harmonic of our solar system. Although this will be largely misunderstood by our species, it will nevertheless be manifesting more openly in the next several years as planetary adjustments are made. More will be said on this later - this is not the time to reveal the details. Suffice to say that as strife increases on our planet it should be more imperative that we exercise our inner functions of balance, non-attachment to events and things, and stay away from rash judgments and decisions.
Continuing from before: the access to greater information has consequences. One approach to this rise in conscious attunement is, in the words of Eric Chaisson, leading to the need for an ethical and global consciousness. Others have urged for process thinking rather than the Newtonian mechanical approach - synergism calls for the emergence of properties greater than the whole. This is achievable if we realise that the connectivity of people on a global scale can give rise to shared traits of altruism under reciprocally 'shared', or transferred, information.

We are all open systems that use information as energy - little do we realise that this energy can be used to fuel further much-needed self-development. Discipline is required so that this energy is not lost through wasted emotions or anger, fear, and other menial manifestations that get enlarged and exaggerated.

Remember: the negative also seeks to embolden itself - to present itself as being greater than it is. This is because there is always less negative inside us at all times in comparison to the positive - thus, it needs to pretend it's more negative than it actually is if it is to have any chance of influence over the person at all. Don't succumb to it.

With information-awareness comes responsibility. That responsibility is to oneself first, then to others, and to our earthly and cosmic environment. Don't build your house on sand, or too much information may blow one's fuse.
As was stated in an earlier blog - 'Information is the Key'. This is a primary statement. Harvard astrophysicist Eric Chaisson has also maintained in his work 'The Life Era' that information is the key principle behind cosmic evolution. Yet information is not simply the bits and bites of electronic language - information embues all that is around us.

Living systems upon this planet take in information by means of solar energy, and secrete in such ways as waste (animal kingdom) or as, for example, oxygen (plant kingdom). Thus, living systems use information as an open system, whereby it is a process of transference in order to decrease entropy and maintain life functions.

Information also exists as waves and physical forces - as radiation especially. Such waves, be they electromagnetic or other frequencies, can be better assimilated if the receiving-capacity of the person (ie. the human brain) is more attuned to finer frequencies. Such attunement has been taught down through the ages as meditative practicies, or through 'action teaching' using both physical exercises as well as mental. It is not for 'religious' purposes, if we must use this vague label, but rather for human attunement to universal, and cosmic, information that is accessible through activation of, generally dormant, brain functioning.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

The concept of the 'Homo Gestalt' was put forward in one sense, rather safely, in the genre of sci-fi in Sturgeon's 'More Than Human':

'...multiplicity is our first characteristic; unity our second. As your parts know they are parts of you, so must you know that we are parts of humanity'

The concept of conscious evolution to a stage where each part, or human, is an integral and interrelated part of the whole is an idea that is organically evolving within our mass mind. Now science is able to embrace this concept through delving into the psi-field of an integrated whole reality. As an evolving species, we are encouraged to work together as a synthesis, towards this synergy, or gestalt: where the whole is greater than its sum, and thus leads to emerging properties of the whole.

One area of research here is the 'global brain' phenomenon. Once the vanguard of peripheral thinkers (see Peter Russell's 'Earth Awakening: The Global Brain'), it is now fast becoming the ken of respected researchers: one recent example being Howard Bloom's 'The Global Brain', or Gregory Stock's 'Metaman'.

As parts of a larger system, humans can evolve into a conscious network and, using an apt analogy, may serve to become a planetary nervous system. Since univeral order is within a hierarchy, each stage evolving in complexity towards the next, we all exhibit characteristics of those systems above and below us, thus echoing the Hermetic adage As Above, So Below.

What concerns us now is functionality. And we can only function in accordance with our level of knowledge and capacity. We cannot be told what is, or what needs to be done: we can only be guided until that understanding becomes an inherant part of ourselves. Then we have an organic sense of how we should act to fit in with the dynamic whole.

Yet we can modify our base behaviours through observation and monitoring of oneself; to clear one's mind of trappings and junk in order to allow these new thoughts to penetrate. To contemplate and to kick-start the mind into thinking, delving, probing, questioning, and reaching out further beyond the confines of flesh and received-knowledge. We may think we learn, yet often we learn rote without the thinking. We should aim towards a conscious digestion of information. Like eating good food, be aware of it going in and its digestion. Use our capacities rather than leaving them to the junkyard of the sapians.

Open oneself up to synergy, empathy, and an awareness beyond the confines of the self. Think in terms of generations rather than immediate moments; into stages of species life rather than the slide into one's own old age. Think beyond oneself whilst including oneself.

Be conscious of ourselves as a part and simultaneously as a whole.

Monday, August 04, 2003

The scientist-philosopher Ervin Laszlo has stated: "that the brain would be sensitive to the psi-field, the interactive face of the quantum vacuum, follows from the postulates of our unified interactive dynamics - it is not likely that the neural networks of the human brain, a chaotic and extremely sensitive signal-analysing system, should be an exception". Using the psi-field for transpersonal recall, Laszlo believes that this explains the following phenomena:
- telepathic communication between individuals
- pastlife recollections
- natural healing, and
- simultaneous insights among individuals as well as between cultures.
(Ervin Laszlo, 'The Creative Cosmos', Floris Books, 1993 - see also Laszlo's 'The Whispering Pond, Shambala, 1996)

Looking at earlier thinkers in this area, such as Teilhard de Chardin and numerous sci-fi writers (Sturgeon's 'More Than Human') - there are suggestions that the next stage of evolution shall be a mutation in consciousness towards a state that has been outlined by the new emerging sciences: one that involves a conscious participation with the psi-field of the quantum vacuum (see post below).

It should not be surprising then when modern reputable academics begin exploring and supporting this thesis: 'The Future of Human Consciousness' by Professor Charles Laughlin and Sheila Richardson (Director of Strategic Intelligence Programs for the Global Management Bureau) is a good example of a recent approach. This thesis sees a possible evolution of the human brain through the cerebral cortex - 'the advance in cortical development that provides the increased structural complexity leading to a more complex consciousness among humans'.

Such an increase in cognitive thinkers should lead to more abstract thought in terms of global futures: the article refers to the new species as 'Homo gestalt': "homo gestalt will assuredly act, and interact, but action will not be constrained by by a conceptualised self-view...rather, social interaction will flow with events and in response to need, particularly in response to the exigencies of personal development...which in turn will be in harmony with cosmic will".

By all emerging accounts, we are, as a species, within a period of profound evolutionary transformation to the next stage: from life to conscious evolution.
Understanding of the mind has now reached new heights - the emerging new paradigm of the mind links it with matter, life, and cosmology to form a more holistic understanding. Separate fields of knowledge and study is more a reflection of how we, as perceiving the separate nature of our 'reality', approach an analysis and categorisation of knowledge. Rarely does mainstream knowledge see each field as complimentary rather than competative. Like a jigsaw, each field can help towards clarifying the larger picture - now that the picture is forming we may finally see how integrated are all our fields of natural and moral philosophy.

The emerging new science has begun to concentrate upon the phenomenom of the so-called '5th-field' and the underlying quantum vacuum. Basically, the quantum vacuum is the modern day equivalent of the 'ether' theory that there was a universal permeation that was the background to space. That the universe is permeated through with a medium that connects and binds all has been one of the areas that physicists have looked at in order to account for a Grand Unified Theory. Without entering the formulations, it has been implied that there is a more fundamental level of reality, one that underlies our own mapping of the universe. The universe, in this new paradigm, is merely the waves that roll across an ocean: the ocean itself, is the quantum vacuum. This would imply that our universe is neither unique, nor singular. Rather, universes themselves have been brough forth from this quantum vacuum multiple times until the 'universal constants' have been tuned to a precise degree in which to support life as we know it. The interacting field between the quantum vacuum and our physical universe is this 5th field (named as the psi-field by some scientists). This 'psi-field' permeates all physical reality and thus has implications in non-local consciousness. That is, if all reality is but the surface of an ocean, then all the drops of this water-surface is in fact in 'touch' with itself - just as a ripple spreads out from its centre to its periphery. If the resonance of the ripple is strong enough, it can reach farther. Likewise, if one's mind and consciousness is atuned, it can resonate with other minds. If other minds are receptive to this, we have thought-transference. Once again, science proves to be the new mysticism. Ignorance obscures, whereas knowledge brings forth.

This quantum vacuum also suggests itself to be holographic, and thus capable of retaining all known events - or, as we would call them, memories. Imagine an ocean that could memorise each ripple and resonance that manifested on its surface? Akashic records indeed! Thus, both our behaviour and our thoughts are important in that it could be that each one is imprinted upon this holographic quantum vacuum. If all reality has access to these records, then the implications for consequences of such resonances are great. Never before, it seems, has science explained the need for good thoughts and deeds within a cosmological framework.

Friday, July 25, 2003


Few are the number of men
whose vision can see far ahead:

to perceive worlds and times beyond
the daily events of our earth-bound

lives. Seldom is their presence known.
Even less so their appearance foretold.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

The science of brain-pattern influence is very old. There have been buildings originally constructed for the purpose of having a specific effect upon the person (e.g. Taj Mahal). This is not new 'news' - many religious buildings were built for this purpose - the term 'sacred geometry' is often used in this context. They say that one of the purposes for the idea of the Pilgrimmage was for humans to act as conduits between these religious 'energy' centres, much like bees act as carriers of pollen for the pollination of plants - so too were humans the carriers of energy between these centres.

As mentioned in a previous post, these 'methods' have now fallen from favour, and the energy pollution on the earth is at an extremely high level, thus affecting the patterns of our thought and of thought/feeling transference. Hence, the high amounts of stress, worry, and general apathy.

It is thus important to create one's own space, away from these intrusive influences where one can refuel the battery, so to speak. In this area, positive thought is very helpful as it counteracts any negative energies polluting the body/mind's functioning. We should be attentive to inner states and frames of mind, so as to know when one is feeling negatively influenced and to balance this by a projected 'blast' of positive thought and mental energy.

Friday, July 18, 2003

On the subject of wave patterns affecting neural functioning, a brief mention should be made in reference to prayer. Without getting into a debate about the original function of religion as it was presented on this planet, something about prayer can be said. Its function, one of several, is to prepare the mind to become more receptive to particular influences through transformative states of neuronal-wave activity. For this reason, a prayer in the form of a repeated word - be it a mantra, chant, or zhikr - is a method to activate particular functional sound waves that act upon brain functioning to open up certain targeted areas. This 'opening up' is part of the process towards greater awareness, cognition, and personal development of one's being.

Although it has often been performed as a unknowing ritual, or habit, its true purpose, known at least by those in its inception, is to facilitate spiritual growth through accelerating conscious evolution. It is, in fact, a science - as all true spirituality is. The cosmos resonates with energy, both conscious and unconscious. It is the hope that we, as a species, will learn to participate in this cosmic dancehall.

Due to recent, historically speaking, aversions away from religious practices, there has had to be more contemporary methods introduced. Most of these we do not suspect. However, that is beyond our functional use. For our immediate purposes it is necessary to devote adequate time in our lives to quiet contemplation, meditation, and personal prayer, or thought-gathering.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

It is scientifically known that the rise in electromagnetic waves in the earth's atmosphere has risen dramatically during the last century. According to one source - the active researcher Dr. Nick Begich - it has risen by a 200 million fold in the last century. This is staggering. Our bodies are essentially energy-based, with strong susceptability to electromagnetism - how will this effect the human species?

Environmental factors are changing at a pace that may be too fast for us. Our time to adapt is short. We are most likely not the first civilisation to have had such technologies either; the cyclic nature of civilisations should make us think about where we are heading and the time scale we have.

Ernest Scott ('The People of the Secret') and Rodney Collin ('Theory of Celestial Influence') have both indicated the time lengths involved with the inception of cultures by conscious minds. I will not go into detail here, lest to say that there may be now a race between the length of time our present civilisation has and the need to evolve enough conscious minds in order to direct, or manage, the next planetary phase. This notion, although obscure and abstract to the casual thinker, is not without its active adherents. There is much material available to support this, yet is not 'received opinion', nor is it likely to be.

Received opinion has its function, as does a foreman oversee general operations. It is, however, not the head.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

~ The macroshift moves toward a successful conclusion if, and only if, a
critical mass of people in society evolve their mindset: if they generate
and embrace values, worldviews, and ethics that mesh with the conditions
that were inadvertently spawned by the technological innovations of their
predecessors. ~

The macroshift that Laszlo (2001) refers to in the opening quote is a bifurcation that occurs at a specifically complex level within a society’s dynamic evolution. It is, says Laszlo, a ‘bifurcation of human civilization in its quasi totality.’ (Laszlo, 2001, p.9). This is a bifurcation on an unprecedented global level that relies upon a mass evolution of our current mindset that, as Laszlo implies, is a move from a Cartesian worldview of parts to one encompassing a connected wholeness. Such a move being triggered by our technical innovations.

Such innovations allow our mindset to comprehend the move that we need to take into a more consciously aware and integrated society, such that our human species may develop towards evolving a species mind. This level of connectivity will necessarily invoke mass sensitivity towards communal thoughts and feelings. This should not be thought of as being scary nor fantasy - merely a higher stage of functioning.

However, we need to prepare ourselves first. Otherwise, that which is truth will seem like science-fiction.

Laszlo, E. (2001) Macroshift: Navigating the Transformation to a Sustainable World. San Francisco: Berret-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Technology plays a fundamental part within our social evolution. As our technology develops so too do we - in a kind of symbiotic relationship. Not only does our technology allow us to understand greater aspects of our universal position and the laws behind our physical manifestation and functioning, it also opens up new vistas of possibilities that encourage our development. The interconnectivity of technology is fast becoming the new global brain.

It may also be possible to suggest that as the number, frequencies, and sophistication of electronic waves increase in our planetary sphere/ionosphere, this may have a influence upon the neural functioning of our brain patterns. In short, it may assist in mutating our brain waves so that new capacities are stimulated into operation. On the other hand, as this is a relatively unexplored area in mainstream science, it may have the opposite effect and cause a degenerative mutation.

What is known is that technology so far has stimulated brain capacity into new heights of thinking, possibilities, and activity. It is essential that we maintain such high levels of activity if we are to assist in a greater permanence of conscious thought.

We are constantly in use as receivers - therefore it is our responsibility to be clean, open, and ready for increased sensitivity and receptivity of thought and species patterns.

It may be useful here to mention the name of Cambridge biologist Rupert Sheldrake in connection to species mind, and his theory of 'morphic resonance' - a biological energy field that a species shares in knowledge and continued heredity.

There is much we still do not know about the origin and functions of human biology and the psi field - or 5th field - in quantum physics.

Ever wondered why we think such thoughts? Where do thoughts really come from?

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The difficulty we find ourselves in at the present time is that our global society is in the midst of a dramatic shift - as significant as was the Enlightenment shift from a heliocentric worldview to a humanistic one - from religion to science as the main body of knowledge. This mind-set of the separation between mind and body, the Cartesian view of a mechanistic, clock-work universe, governed by fundamental laws, is shifting.

We are moving towards an understanding that in order for our planet to cope with the changes on a global level, we need - as a species - to incorporate a way of thinking that sees global society as an interlinked web, where every action affects an outcome, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Progress is not linear - nor constant or inevitable.

Information is the new energy that propels us forward - and this new lingua franca is becoming more widely dispersed and available, thus empowering people to see themselves as agents of change.

We need a change in our perception - new biology tells that in contrast to stories of evolution through competition and strength, evolution works on symbiotic relationships and co-operation. Inter-cellular communication and genes transfer is done through co-operation in information sharing. Shouldn't this be the metaphor for the new global society? Afterall: 'As Above, So Below'.

Evolution uses the same models in all spheres of development. Man's hubris has denied this up until now. If we wish to push further towards an enlightened evolution, we must embrace this model and feed ourselves through shared information.

Change begins with one's own mind-set and worldview. As the Delphic inscription read: 'Know Thyself'

This is a beginning.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Power is prevalent in society. It thrives upon the material energies produced. Yet there are degrees of power, and power is just as comfortable within a spiritual domain as is humility. For true power is the power to empower others.

It doesn't dominate - it lifts. It doesn't protect its greed: it patiently awaits until the receiver is able to share it.

The master becomes the servant as power empowers those beneath to raise themselves, and thus continue the Work.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

One of the most difficult areas of our lives is in the need to find a connection, and belonging with one's sense of existence. It almost feels as if we are disparate parts, floating like loose corks upon a never-ending ocean. This is an existence without vision, without faith. The sense of belonging which exists as a fundamental aspect of each of our lives is inherent within. It is often the recognition that is lacking.

The lack often comes from a cruelty towards oneself. We are harsh towards ourselves, and too negative towards our weaknesses. We act like judge and jury upon our own faults: and we consider this a duty to reprimand ourselves. Not so. It is often an unconscious desire to cause some suffering towards ourselves that creates our inner tensions. If we do not suffer, we are not truly experiencing our faults and weaknesses. This needs to be overcome. We are a species undergoing a tremendous and now rapid evolution. We need to be mindful, aware, and observant. Yet as a self-guide, not as a jailer.

Our sense of connection comes from understanding our place within the grand web of all living systems. All parts of the physical world make a unified whole. A whole that is greater than its parts, yet incorporating all. Through feeling an inclusion in all natural processes, we can also feel an involvement.

There is no separateness. Every manifestation is in communion. Every affect has its myriad effects. Every thought and emotion its plethora of counterparts. Life is inclusion. And faith is courage in this.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003


Living to learn the expression
of us, of ourselves.
Much longing, unfulfilled, lingers
in the air, stilled, craving meaning.

We grow in order to understand
our own purposefulness,
asking questions relentlessly
as we tentatively step forwards.

Words mask our truer voices:
in learning, let not our greed
diminish our loving.

We are at a crucial stage in our development and the time for thinking about responsibilities, yet not acting upon them is past. As President Harry Truman once famously declared: ‘The buck stops here.’ Well, that buck was on the desk of one man – today’s buck reaches to every one of us, irrespective of country, race, gender, religion, or status. This new ‘buck’ is the collective choice we face concerning the future evolution not only of our species, but also of the Earth and all living forms included.

Every epoch has fashioned a corresponding mind-set, and frames of consciousness that have provided a functional use. The earlier mythic conceptions of a sacred world dominated by unseen forces and humankind’s integral relationship with powerful nature developed into a theistic consciousness. Here, divine authority on earth was conscripted into hierarchical dynastic rule as a governing device. This theistic mind-set became assimilated into the Logos concept of a divinely ordered cosmos with an ultimate prime-mover. This belief of an ordered cosmos soon evolved into the Enlightenment’s mechanistic ‘clockwork’ view of the universe where science sought to prove that natural laws held the world under linear domination. This materialistic mind-set has brought us up to the present moment. Now it is no longer of functional use. Rather, if it carries us any further, we are liable to become its victims.

An evolution of consciousness is required. I don’t mean this in any mystico-esoteric sense. I mean it in a very real and practical way. For the past 300 years society has provided us with a worldview and belief-system that sees the ideas of ‘survival of the fittest’, the sense of competition, and of conquest, colonisation, and consumption, as the main ideals. This materialistic conception has seen a rapid contamination of the world we share and has placed us on an evolutionary path to extinction. The next shift must involve a conscious decision to evolve our understanding, worldview, and wisdom, through intensive evolution rather than an extensive one. Intensive evolution replaces such obsolete material beliefs with ones concentrating on connection, communication, and consciousness. The energy inherent in inter-connectedness works on an exponential scale: that is, it develops at ever increasing rates. This is why in history most of our profound innovations have been the work of single, or minority, action. A conscious action produces an exponentially increased effect. Ghandi was right when he said: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ When you change yourself, you change the immediate world around you; those close to you, and the events you participate in.

An increased degree of communication through connection fosters an increased involvement of consciousness – and consciousness evolves through use, and latent properties are more likely to emerge when stimulated, just like a car operates better when warmed up. Again, this lies more in the realm of common sense than ‘strange goings-on’. Our era has shifted where we need to unburden ourselves of these obsolete and superstitious beliefs. True knowledge is sense that is not yet common, rather than esoteric or otherworldly. Science today, with its quantum theories of the ‘zero-point’ and ‘quantum vacuum’ provides greater understanding of our place in the present universe than at any time in our recorded history. Should we not be making use of this information? It is time to educate ourselves and to do our duty by changing ourselves first.

Thus, human contact and communication --> co-operation. Co-operation gives us Synergy. And synergy is the effect of combined action which is greater than the sum of its parts. As a whole, with unity, we can achieve things beyond that available to us as individuals. The next shift on our evolutionary path requires an evolution in consciousness, and we can all play our part. It requires inner-reflection, mindfulness, co-operation, and living in a harmonious and respectful way with others and with our environment. It doesn’t require any great sacrifices or burning of books: simply, it is living in accordance with our developmental needs rather than our wants. As one thinker has put it: ‘Live simply so that others may simply live.’ And living simply is evolving ourselves – our conscious awareness and understanding - to be in a harmonious relationship within a grander cosmic harmony. The ‘buck’ stops with us. Let’s do a good job of it.

For a more detailed discussion of these ideas, see: Ervin Laszlo, ‘Macroshift’ (2001)

Sunday, May 18, 2003

An important factor in any development is humility. We, as people, as humans, are a product of many and varied forces. We are also under a great many more forces. We do not master events. Often we do not even master ourselves. And what we leave behind is often negligible. What we should aim to leave behind, and for others, is more than a few whispers or tales. More than some goods to be handed down as earthly souveniers. It is progress through action. Knowledge and understanding through action and intention.

Time is indeed short. The journey long. Everyone must play their part, and give what they can in this global effort for a global world. We can provide for oursleves and others. Yet we do very little if we only live to gain transitory pleasures. There is more important work to be done. Through collective purpose and will. It is no great conspiracy or fairytale. It is working towards our shared evolutionary future. With passion, dedication, honesty, and humility.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

One of the newest concepts to have arisen lately is that of 'Emergence'. What this tells us is that the whole of something is greater than its parts, and that the emerging properties of the whole transcend the lesser properties inherent within its parts. An example often cited is that of the ant colony. A colony of tens of thousands of ants acts in unity, as a whole, despite the individual ants having no information concerning the function of the colony as a 'whole'. This model can, and has been, put forward onto human communities. The net outcome of individuals working as a community is greater than an unconnected similar grouping of individuals. Emerging properties greater than its parts depend upon contact and communication.

It is for this reason that study groups of a Teaching variety have held group contact and meetings as a priority. This has been known for millennia - although new for 'accepted' knowledge. A contact of like-minded consciousnesses can create fields or energies and subsequent emergent properties that far excell a non-harmonious collective of people. The functional quality is thus exponentially increased to a staggering non-causal degree. Since all energies within the universe are already in constant non-local contact within the quantum energy vacuum, it is the nature of 'mind' to be in contact and communication. To be conscious of this leads to evolutionary growth by supporting a developmental collective consciousness.

It takes a certain number of conscious people on the earth to enable the earth to progress to the next level of evolutionary growth. A hundred conscious people, let us say, who are in conscious contact and communication, can create an emergent exponentially increased degree of conscious force in order to influence remaining humanity and life processes. As said in an earlier post - consciousness begets consciousness.

It is spreading already and fast. Such influences, with us for epochs, are now shifting up a gear and raising levels of awareness on this earth at unparalled speed. The needed shift in collective and planetary consciousness is unfolding to its ordainded pattern.

To be mindful is a positive beginning.

The truly man of calm is he
who has a silent turmoil within
his heart.


The world is asleep
and often I am one with it

with each millions of eyes closed
and mine shut too :

It is a greater trial to awake
than to make love to your enemy

And evolution cannot touch that soul,
vain with its own busy life,

which does not stop to turn
its silent observation upon itself.


A man who lives on the outside of his skin
is he who dies being a stranger within.

Friday, April 25, 2003

After all the talk, there is still frustration that the world 'out there' doesn't allow room for one to change. As a reply, it is necessary to work upon changing oneself before hoping that the world, or rather external events, will shift their focus in relation to you. Perception and cognition of external situations and structures is a product of internal cognitive interpretation and analysis. Therefore, it is a question of 'mind-set': if one's personal mind-set is fixed into earlier patterns of recognition, then future incoming signals will be analysed in terms of these set patterns. Thus, the world never seems to change. Yet have you allowed it to?

Change your own patterns of mind first. Think differently; behave differently; analyse differently. Bring new conceptions into being as thoughts; shift those old patterns of thinking and perceiving. The 21st Century cannot survive with a species thinking with an earlier model of consciousness. Shift the consciousness into new terrains; allow it to process thoughts beyond the Cartesian, mechanistic 2-dimensional model of linear processes.

Once a new pattern, a new mind-set, is gradually moved in to replace the older model, you will find surprising differences in how external events and situations are perceived. You might find a surprising increase in harmonisation.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Consciousness begets consciousness. Just as a fire causes the air molecules near to it to heat up, so does the energy of consciousness radiate out to affect the consciousness of others within a receiving range. This is why ancient spiritual traditions insisted on having the living presence of a guide; and for those who wished to learn it was required that they attend the presence of the guide. This was not merely for verbal and/or physical instruction but more so because the ensuing energies of consciousness could be intentionally directed to a receiving target, whether the target was conscious of it or not! Even today in all spheres of life, people are constantly 'picking' up each other's influence through an interaction of energies of consciousness, despite being unmindful of this process. The early guilds and apprenticeships worked upon the notion of learning the craft by observation, not fully knowing that this was exactly the path used for countless traditions of inner teachings, not solely because observation teaches (which it does) but also because more important transmissions of influence are operative under such conditions of close physical presence. Consciousness begets consciousness. When one enters a rose garden, should they sit next to a rose, or a thornbush? From where does the feeling of beauty come from? Choose one's seat with care.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The Universe is connected in an 'implicate order' - meaning that separateness is an illusion, and each atom resonates with the knowledge of the whole universe. Since the human body is itself composed of atoms generated within the initial Big Bang of the created Universe, then we ourselves resonate with a wholeness of knowledge. This 'information' can know itself - it is through self-reflexive consciousness. We are at the earlier stages of accessing this self-knowledge. The next step, since biological evolution of the species has been attained at a peak, is conscious evolution. This is the first time in earth evolutionary history that evolution can be directed consciously - in 'our hands' - rather than being a natural process beyond our involvement. Evolution of human consciousness is then a way of taking our species to the next level, towards a planetary consciousness, whereby the human race will be the nervous system on a higher level, as information is shared, passed around, and acted upon as is information within the neurones of our brain. By increasing brain activity, new capacities come into play as activity stimulates hitherto latent cranal areas. Empathy will increase, as will a sense of other people through non-verbal communication. Humans can begin to share their shared inheritance of Universe-knowledge as the atoms of the self resinate with more energy flowing through as human connectivity increases. Evolution is towards ever increasing complexity, and consciousness is itself a product of a particular peak of complexity. The next level of complexity is beyond the individual. The new complexity is global.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

If we wish to have greater access to understanding, we need to develop our intuition. Intuition can be encouraged through contemplation, periods of silence, and above all a faith in one's self and feelings. It helps if events, situations, feelings, can be visualised. This forms a contact with the visualised object itself and so opens up a channel of relationship to it. Thus, one's intuition is in communication with the event and is able to benefit from a form of direct knowledge with it.

In short, understanding requires developed intuition, which can be encouraged through moments of contemplation and visualisation.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Information is destined to be shared. Greater understanding, once information has filtered into one's self, becomes an understanding towards a conscious yet shared future. Energy and connections between people foster a love beyond cliches of possession. This love is the compassion for a humankind sharing its evolutionary journey together; not as individuals squabbling for their private narrow ways. The future must embrace openness, and throw away obsessive possession.
Information is the key. Information is what emerges as the key to evolution. What is information? Is it knowing something about the dog races - which will win? Information is coded within each of us, yet its emergent capacities are only effective through connectivity. Just as the heart is essential to the overall fucntion of our body; take it out and both it, as a separate organ, and ourselves as a whole body, dies. It is this necessary interrelationship that allows information to be shared and conscious through its own connectivity. This is why we are all, each one of us, dependent upon connections that we are often not aware of. Thus, all matter is likewise connected. The property of self-consciousness emerges when the level of connectivity within any system is at a heightened peak of complexity. The human brain, with its hundreds of billions of firing neuronal connections is exactly this model of peak complexity. From this self-organised complexity comes our experience of adaptive cognition - self-consciouness. DNA has planned for this level of relational connectivity. As information in the world is likewise connected through greater networks of communication, eg. Internet, this will help to raise the information --> knowledge --> consciousness of society in general. This, it is hoped, will play a major role in guiding us towards our self-evolutionary future. This is the early stage of our expected transformation.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Some people ask how one can trust in faith, or know to how to move towards Truth, especially in today's climate. Perhaps the answer lies in priorities. If the material world is real for you, then Truth will be a part of this world, and so will all the suffering and pain of this world. Yet to ignore it is no answer either: that is escapsim, the realm of old religious stranglehold. The balance is dealing with each issue within its respective field. Truth needs to be sought within one's own inner spaces, through moments of contemplation and quiet questioning, in order to use this silence as a way of accessing latent qualities and capacities within oneself. The external world requires right action at right time, and right thought simultaneously. To confuse Truth with one's life obligations is jumping the gun until one has greater access to inner certitiude. For the initial part of the journey of self-understanding, place your life responsibilities in their rightful place and deal with them accordingly. To understand the subtler things, begin to listen to oneself within moments of quietness. Take it from there. When one begins to listen, the receiver begins to hear.
All is energy in dynamic relationships of attraction. How will you attract what you need?

Force of intention; inner concentration of will - these function as attractors. Since all matter is fundamentally organised relations of energy, thought itself is a force of energy that can interact with what is perceived to be solid matter.

Saturday, March 22, 2003


"The egocentric ideal of a future reserved for those
who have managed to attain egotistically the extremity
of 'everyone for himself' is false and against nature...
The outcome of the world, the gates of the future,
the entry into the super-human --
these are not thrown open
to a few of the priveged or to one chosen people
to the exclusion of all others.
They will only open to an advance of all together,
in a direction in which all together can join and find completion
in a spiritual renovation of the earth...
No evolutionary future awaits man except in association with all other men"

Our evolutionary future awaits a consciously evolved being; in touch across spatial and temporal barriers in higher thought. To work towards a consciously evolved state requires an inner intention and discipline. It requires a conscious struggle to remove ourselves from an automated behavioural state, reacting in pure response to environmental cognition, to a state of perception and meaningful inter-relationship. Everything is connected, and yet most connections are fulfilled without conscious knowledge. A force of intention, of will, to allow a harmonious perception in the design of life is needed. To be of heightened intellect is not the same as being clever. It is not a dry intellect, a scholarly realm, but instead is the state whereby one knows what needs to be done, by understanding the quality and pattern of events, and responds to it appropriately, without distorted emotion or emphasis.

Such qualities can be worked upon through inner observation of oneself. To monitor one's own thoughts, actions, responses, physical and mental feedback. To be aware of one's state at all times fosters a greater mental functioning between both brain hemispheres, which fires up latent neurones, and thus increases brain activity which itself promotes heightened cognition - what one may call 'intuition'.

New capabilities and functions come into being according to one's need - therefore increase the need!

Will, intention, discipline. And then there's the synergy of love.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Life is an evolutionary journey. Humankind has continuously questioned the meaning of existence, yet it has done so often from thinking itself separate. This is a veil. Humankind is on an evolutionary path, as is all things within earthly existence, towards more evolved forms of intellect, understanding, and involvement. The capacities required for Humankind to achieve this development are located within the very cellular structure of human life already; its emergence, and the emerging capacities, have been the subject of countless religious, spiritual, mystical traditions through the ages. The modern emergence of such knowledge is now within contemporary systems of learning, making use of the new language of the sciences. The 21st century is one where the wisdom of the East shall find synthesis in the science of the West.

Sunday, March 02, 2003


You asked me how I came to be here:
Well, my friend, Faith in something or one
Takes you to many strange places.



There are places to travel to
And other places to travel from;
Understand what must be left behind
Before you can find the One.



‘How can I capture beauty?’
you ask me.

‘Be an open-hearted hunter’
I say

‘Who upon snaring a bird
throws it back to the sky.’

‘But why?’

‘For beauty holds dear only
to a master who can share.’



Faith is an instrument,

Sharp as a warrior’s sword
Shiny as a clean-cut diamond
Reflective as a repolished mirror.

Above all, it is yours,
Yet you must learn
How to work it

For it can be as dangerous
As all the above.

Its other name is Love.



Spending so long planning
where you’re standing,

you forget the reasons why it
is you came here;

worse still, infection of the dreaded

turns your thoughts to all the things
you cannot leave behind:

it’s the money, it’s the show, it’s all
the things you’ve collected

from the corners of your little world
and you can’t let them go.

Yet what is it that you came for?

That something special

you always had to believe in, that
reason it is you came here…

could you really be so ill you’ve forgotten
the touch of love?

Between Both Worlds (BBW) is a site that will hope to share information about a search that is both individual and yet collective. It is the search for meaning, Truth, and understanding. Many have taken this path, and many will continue to do so. I am no exception. It is only that thanks to the new modern age of information communication technologies, there is the possibility for a greater depth of connectivity between all global peoples. As our global world develops towards an increasingly precipitous future, there is greater need in preserving the tradition of spiritual understanding and awareness of our evolutionary role within a much larger, universal context. With the enveloping capitalist modus operandi, material consumerism is taking attention away from a contemplative life. Moments of introspection, consideration, questioning, leave us as the world moves towards pleasure principles of external stimulation. Hence the title of this site refers to the maxim 'Of the world yet not of the world': the call for one to acknowledge that the path towards understanding must be taken within society and not in a reclusive setting. Likewise, it also calls for the strength to be separate from the immersion in purely material attachments.

What I will post on this site will be reflections, poetry (both old and new) and mirrorings of my own journey as it too continues to unfold. My friends will be able to check the site when and if they wish; newcomers are most welcome, as are responses and contact. Again, to reiterate, this is only a humble offering of an individual contribution. What is most important is that the new social ordering of connectivity can be made use of to proliferate ideas, thoughts, and understanding between as many like-minded people as possible. The future is not a distant relic, it is built upon our moments now. What gives us meaning is how we choose to make use of our moments, now.


Lloyd Bergson