Sunday, November 30, 2003

Excerpts from the archives: selected poems from 1992-1995


I like you
But the world does continue

And we cannot remain
Upon temporary desires

Or dreams born from
The restless mind.

We cannot make
A world

Out of the small things
That absorb us

Only for the moment
And then are gone

Or we would never
See the world

Through the false thickness
Of the air.


And the butterfly
started to die ;

he didn't know that
what he wanted was
also killing him.

And the butterfly
started to die
as he burnt himself
against the light.


Like little sea creatures
In a shell we lay

pressed against
the pressured air ;

too silent to be moved,
showing ourselves

as the layered rock
shows earth's growth
from youth.

Tiny thumb prints of some desire
we wish to encapture

and keep between the flesh,

to seep from our pores
on every embrace

to smell the skin
on every kiss

like honest things.


My name

like scattered glass splinters
amidst the snow

waits to be found
and cupped together

under fragile hands.

My name

with each syllable
and cracked with
uneven edges

waits to be called

and held together
fragile hands.


A man who lives on the outside of his skin
is he who dies being a stranger within.


I bought myself a book,
but not the time to read it.
Love – I can’t buy time.

I spend my nights in knowledge,
immersed in the words of others.
Love – I can’t buy wisdom.

I walked the ways of others,
my foot following their prints.
Love – I can’t buy truth.

The world doesn’t give us the ways
to reach our ends; it only posts
signs like an open highway.


Monday, November 24, 2003

The harmony of any system requires a selfless cooperation. It requires a recognition that separation is a facet of our own imaginations. We are not any more separate than the sun is separate to life on this earth. We think in terms of geographical space: the moon turns our moods – yet dare we imagine that non-local events may influence our daily selves? This is comic. There is no fundamental separation.

Every thought/action/desire is as if written in the sky in red cloud: our growth is recorded as a part of our evolution. Everything that goes out from us also returns to us – we decide its fate. The world we live in is deeply rooted in how we choose to interpret that world. Trust our own hearts – our own intentions.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The human nervous system is the evolutionary agent. It carries programming structure, in the form of DNA, and is itself the hardware for DNA software. It works with electrical impulses and so is affected by, and influences, other electrical fields. Thus, the new generation of humans being born into the ‘Information Age’ of an electronic environment are being impacted upon with electrical signals that must have some effect upon the human nervous system. To what degree can the human nervous system mutate under these new environmental impacts, knowing how we do that evolutionary change is dynamic in accordance with such impacts?

Are we thus agents of our own evolutionary change? The new direction seems to be towards the interior, encouraging a development of psychic, or psi, faculties that enhance a ‘beyond-soma’ consciousness.

The Earth as an intelligent self-regulatory body (ie. ‘Gaia Theory’) requires the functioning participation of its subsequent parts. This includes humankind as well as other animal and plant species. The present anthropomorphic view that humankind dwells in is a serious obstacle in maintaining these functional processes as we believe ourselves to be apart from rather than a part of the planetary processes around and within us. We believe ourselves to be greater than we are in the sense that our belief in superiority is seriously disenabling our capacity for responsibility and guardianship of our milieu, and thus the custodianship that is a part of our duty as a self-conscious reflexive species is being ignored and arrogantly overlooked.