Friday, July 25, 2003


Few are the number of men
whose vision can see far ahead:

to perceive worlds and times beyond
the daily events of our earth-bound

lives. Seldom is their presence known.
Even less so their appearance foretold.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

The science of brain-pattern influence is very old. There have been buildings originally constructed for the purpose of having a specific effect upon the person (e.g. Taj Mahal). This is not new 'news' - many religious buildings were built for this purpose - the term 'sacred geometry' is often used in this context. They say that one of the purposes for the idea of the Pilgrimmage was for humans to act as conduits between these religious 'energy' centres, much like bees act as carriers of pollen for the pollination of plants - so too were humans the carriers of energy between these centres.

As mentioned in a previous post, these 'methods' have now fallen from favour, and the energy pollution on the earth is at an extremely high level, thus affecting the patterns of our thought and of thought/feeling transference. Hence, the high amounts of stress, worry, and general apathy.

It is thus important to create one's own space, away from these intrusive influences where one can refuel the battery, so to speak. In this area, positive thought is very helpful as it counteracts any negative energies polluting the body/mind's functioning. We should be attentive to inner states and frames of mind, so as to know when one is feeling negatively influenced and to balance this by a projected 'blast' of positive thought and mental energy.

Friday, July 18, 2003

On the subject of wave patterns affecting neural functioning, a brief mention should be made in reference to prayer. Without getting into a debate about the original function of religion as it was presented on this planet, something about prayer can be said. Its function, one of several, is to prepare the mind to become more receptive to particular influences through transformative states of neuronal-wave activity. For this reason, a prayer in the form of a repeated word - be it a mantra, chant, or zhikr - is a method to activate particular functional sound waves that act upon brain functioning to open up certain targeted areas. This 'opening up' is part of the process towards greater awareness, cognition, and personal development of one's being.

Although it has often been performed as a unknowing ritual, or habit, its true purpose, known at least by those in its inception, is to facilitate spiritual growth through accelerating conscious evolution. It is, in fact, a science - as all true spirituality is. The cosmos resonates with energy, both conscious and unconscious. It is the hope that we, as a species, will learn to participate in this cosmic dancehall.

Due to recent, historically speaking, aversions away from religious practices, there has had to be more contemporary methods introduced. Most of these we do not suspect. However, that is beyond our functional use. For our immediate purposes it is necessary to devote adequate time in our lives to quiet contemplation, meditation, and personal prayer, or thought-gathering.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

It is scientifically known that the rise in electromagnetic waves in the earth's atmosphere has risen dramatically during the last century. According to one source - the active researcher Dr. Nick Begich - it has risen by a 200 million fold in the last century. This is staggering. Our bodies are essentially energy-based, with strong susceptability to electromagnetism - how will this effect the human species?

Environmental factors are changing at a pace that may be too fast for us. Our time to adapt is short. We are most likely not the first civilisation to have had such technologies either; the cyclic nature of civilisations should make us think about where we are heading and the time scale we have.

Ernest Scott ('The People of the Secret') and Rodney Collin ('Theory of Celestial Influence') have both indicated the time lengths involved with the inception of cultures by conscious minds. I will not go into detail here, lest to say that there may be now a race between the length of time our present civilisation has and the need to evolve enough conscious minds in order to direct, or manage, the next planetary phase. This notion, although obscure and abstract to the casual thinker, is not without its active adherents. There is much material available to support this, yet is not 'received opinion', nor is it likely to be.

Received opinion has its function, as does a foreman oversee general operations. It is, however, not the head.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

~ The macroshift moves toward a successful conclusion if, and only if, a
critical mass of people in society evolve their mindset: if they generate
and embrace values, worldviews, and ethics that mesh with the conditions
that were inadvertently spawned by the technological innovations of their
predecessors. ~

The macroshift that Laszlo (2001) refers to in the opening quote is a bifurcation that occurs at a specifically complex level within a society’s dynamic evolution. It is, says Laszlo, a ‘bifurcation of human civilization in its quasi totality.’ (Laszlo, 2001, p.9). This is a bifurcation on an unprecedented global level that relies upon a mass evolution of our current mindset that, as Laszlo implies, is a move from a Cartesian worldview of parts to one encompassing a connected wholeness. Such a move being triggered by our technical innovations.

Such innovations allow our mindset to comprehend the move that we need to take into a more consciously aware and integrated society, such that our human species may develop towards evolving a species mind. This level of connectivity will necessarily invoke mass sensitivity towards communal thoughts and feelings. This should not be thought of as being scary nor fantasy - merely a higher stage of functioning.

However, we need to prepare ourselves first. Otherwise, that which is truth will seem like science-fiction.

Laszlo, E. (2001) Macroshift: Navigating the Transformation to a Sustainable World. San Francisco: Berret-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Technology plays a fundamental part within our social evolution. As our technology develops so too do we - in a kind of symbiotic relationship. Not only does our technology allow us to understand greater aspects of our universal position and the laws behind our physical manifestation and functioning, it also opens up new vistas of possibilities that encourage our development. The interconnectivity of technology is fast becoming the new global brain.

It may also be possible to suggest that as the number, frequencies, and sophistication of electronic waves increase in our planetary sphere/ionosphere, this may have a influence upon the neural functioning of our brain patterns. In short, it may assist in mutating our brain waves so that new capacities are stimulated into operation. On the other hand, as this is a relatively unexplored area in mainstream science, it may have the opposite effect and cause a degenerative mutation.

What is known is that technology so far has stimulated brain capacity into new heights of thinking, possibilities, and activity. It is essential that we maintain such high levels of activity if we are to assist in a greater permanence of conscious thought.

We are constantly in use as receivers - therefore it is our responsibility to be clean, open, and ready for increased sensitivity and receptivity of thought and species patterns.

It may be useful here to mention the name of Cambridge biologist Rupert Sheldrake in connection to species mind, and his theory of 'morphic resonance' - a biological energy field that a species shares in knowledge and continued heredity.

There is much we still do not know about the origin and functions of human biology and the psi field - or 5th field - in quantum physics.

Ever wondered why we think such thoughts? Where do thoughts really come from?