Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Some people ask how one can trust in faith, or know to how to move towards Truth, especially in today's climate. Perhaps the answer lies in priorities. If the material world is real for you, then Truth will be a part of this world, and so will all the suffering and pain of this world. Yet to ignore it is no answer either: that is escapsim, the realm of old religious stranglehold. The balance is dealing with each issue within its respective field. Truth needs to be sought within one's own inner spaces, through moments of contemplation and quiet questioning, in order to use this silence as a way of accessing latent qualities and capacities within oneself. The external world requires right action at right time, and right thought simultaneously. To confuse Truth with one's life obligations is jumping the gun until one has greater access to inner certitiude. For the initial part of the journey of self-understanding, place your life responsibilities in their rightful place and deal with them accordingly. To understand the subtler things, begin to listen to oneself within moments of quietness. Take it from there. When one begins to listen, the receiver begins to hear.

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