Monday, April 26, 2004

All that is going on around us is a catalyst, or reaction, to our accelerating social change.

The well-known writer Doris Lessing has said:

'But is it possible that all the bad things going on are a reaction, a dragging undertow, to a forward movement in the human social evolution that we can't easily see? Perhaps, looking back, let's say in a century or two centuries, is it possible people will say, "That was a time when extremes battled for supremacy. The human mind was developing very fast in the direction of self-knowledge, self-command, and as always happens, as always has to happen, this thrust forwards aroused its opposite, the forces of stupidity, brutality, mob thinking"? I think it is possible. I think that this is what is happening.'
('Prisons We Choose To Live Within)

I also think this is what is happening - a struggle between movements: intelligence increase and the brutality that strives to contain the primitive in us.

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