Monday, May 10, 2004

As I have often stated, and will not tire of repeating: the future of our place in the world depends upon our own perceptions and how we view the world. As matter is a product of consciousness, then the strength of our inner vision can influence external phenomena. If there is enough 'critical mass' then a group mind scenerio is able to significantly alter the directionality of our evolutionary trajectory.

I have also posted from Elizabeth Sahtouris before. In one of her latest online articles: Vistas - Evolving Our Beliefs to Evolve Our Lives - she writes:

"That view is now crumbling under evidence produced by science itself that consciousness is not a late emerging property of evolution but the very source of the entire material world of Nature, including humanity. As that discovery spreads through society at large, along with its implications that we can dream and create the world any way we desire, we need to be well prepared for conscious creation of the reality we truly want.

While people have always created reality out of their beliefs, until now a handful of powerful people dictated the beliefs of each human culture. The glory of our own time is that the news is finally out that each and every one of us has the authority, even the mandate, to choose the beliefs by which we live and create our individual and communal lives.

To create the human future well we need good Vistas -- consciously created belief systems comprised of worldviews and the values for negotiating them courageously and lovingly."

Conscious Evolution requires the participatin of our thoughts: it is not a light thing, nor some 'New Agey' saying. The mind, as an amplifier for conscious thought/energy, can and does have direct and meaningful influence upon physical phenomena. Therefore before we expend our energies trying to change the world, it is paramount that we first change our perceptions and way of thinking: this is the path towards a conscious evolution - an evolution of intelligence.... as the late Prof. Jonas Salk referred to it - 'The Survival of the Wisest'.

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m00ndirt said...

Do you think the path to collective intelligence will be one that must be taken intentionally? Or can a collective intelligence emerge unintentionally?

After a collective consciousness emerges, must it necessarilly be aware that it is a collective consciousness? Or, can a collective intelligence exist without being self-aware?