Wednesday, July 21, 2004

There is an old Chinese proverb: ‘If we don’t change our direction, we are likely to wind up where we are headed’  - and where we are headed is as much as a collective situation as it is individual. Further, it is as much of an individual psyche responsibility as it is collective. What this suggests is that how we think globally reflects the reality of the world we inhabit. Before we begin to attempt a global shift in direction, it would be more beneficial to attempt a shift in our species mind set. Again, what 'we' think determines how our future will materialise.

'Man has in him two distinct master impulses, the individualistic and the communal, a personal life and a social life, a personal motive of conduct and a social motive of conduct. The possibility of their opposition and the attempt to find their equation lie at the very roots of human civilisation’            Sri Aurobindo

Who are we to argue? Is the attempt at working towards a conscious evolution such a joke afterall?

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