Sunday, July 10, 2005

Duane Elgin says that:

"Despite all our good intentions, without this coming era of collective distress and adversity, the human family is unlikely to awaken to its global identity and evolutionary responsibility. It is the immense suffering of millions - even billions - of precious human beings coupled with the widespread destruction of many other life-forms that will burn through our complacency and isolation. Needles suffering is the psychological and psychic fire that can awaken our compassion and fuse individuals, communities, and nations into a cohesive and consciously organised global civilisation."

This is a point which I feel holds much resonance.

In a similar manner, Peter Russell says:

" The set of global problems that humanity is facing presently may turn out to be as important to our continued evolution as 'the oxygen crisis' was. Never in the history of the human race have the dangers been so extreme; yet in their role as evolutionary catalysts, they may be just what is needed to push us to a higher level"

Again, in light of recent events, and the state of climate change overall; it is reasonable to predict that we have an unstable geo-political situation ahead. Do things happen without a reason?

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