Friday, April 07, 2006

A necessity on which our future depends

Here I often discuss conscious evolution in terms of our technological evolution, and how this effects our neurological development. Now I wish to pass on some other comments upon the Work of conscious evolution:

'What we take to be reality is really more primitive short-term rule of thumb. For example, we tend to look at events one-sidedly. We also assume, without any justification, that an event happens as it were in a vacuum. In actual fact, all events are associated with all other events...If you look at any action which you do, or which anyone else does, you will find that it was prompted by one of many possible stimuli; and also that it is never an isolated action - it has consequences, many of them ones which you would never expect, certainly which you could not have planned...It is only when we are ready to experience our inter-relation with the organism of life that we can appreciate mystical experience. That is to say a direct and total perception of truth' Idries Shah - The Sufis

The Sufis aim to awaken humankind from its sleep - 'the sleeper must awaken' - and to do so they aim to activate organs of higher perception through the development of inner processes that are inherent in humankind: to awaken to the purpose and function of conscious evolution:

"In Sufism, a person cannot learn until he is in a state in which he can perceive what he is learning, and what it means" - Idries Shah.

'The Sufis assert that the present diffusion of this teaching is due to humanity's current need for normal development...The Sufis use a new point of view in order to overcome the conditioning which our materialistic society has imposed. Our ills are due mainly to the one-sided rationalism of our culture and the loss of the intuitive faculty that would have enabled us to gain access to an area of knowledge which cannot be reached through the intellectual mechanism. They believe that for the first time in history conscious evolution has ceased to be a choice open to man and has become a necessity on which our future depends'

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