Sunday, July 23, 2006


The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies has a post called 'The Near Future of the Metaverse' which discusses the future convergences between physical/virtual reality, artificial intelligence and human-embedded technology. It also examines future scenarios of mind-implants to plug a person directly into an interactive 3D-virtual world:

"Every citizen on the planet can be on the net anytime, anywhere with very high speed wireless connections accessed via brain implants (direct brain to net interfaces). Instead of “reading a web page” users will enter a 3D, fully immersive VR Metaverse with total sensorial stimulation indistinguishable from physical reality. Most work and entertainment will take place in the Metaverse.

When? I think 2030 but let’s make it 2050 to have a solid long-term forecast."

Whilst there are many forecasts like this roaming the Web, and have been for many years - not to mention sci-fi - the output from The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies has generally been of high quality.

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