Sunday, September 10, 2006

Connections & Reflections

I've been impressed with a site called that deals with diverse subjects in an intelligent and clear manner: it covers such topics as Earth energies, Gurdjieffian subjects, Stages of Conscious Awakening, Realm Dynamics, and much more...

There are some fascinating essays - such as 'Food for the Moon' and 'The Art of Hyper Dimensional War' well as some thoughtful reflections:

'The best sources of truth help you realize what you’ve known all along.'

'The Universe never lets you down—in the long run.'

'Ordinary relationships involve two parts comprising a greater whole. Exceptional relationships require two wholes playing a greater part.'

'Spiritual fulfillment is about fulfilling the spirit of others.'

'Your conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time; to focus on everything, perceive that everything is one.'

Everything needs to connect now... and its up to us...

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