Thursday, November 23, 2006


John Baines is a Teacher. Well, this is the name he publishes under in the english-speaking world - his real name is Dario Salas Sommer. Dario is a teacher of Hermetic Philosophy and often takes a critical look at the current state of mankind. Dario likes to expose the “collective animal soul” which guides and directs humanity and to re-direct awareness onto Hermetic Philosophy that can aid the individual in freeing oneself from the collective influence.

in Hypsoconsciousness Dario states that:

Our modern world of rapid social, political, and technological change leaves much to be desired when trying to extract meaning from the kaleidoscope of our day-to-day lives. Behind all the difficulties that we encounter as we move through life driven to find "the answer", one single fundamental fact obliges us to suffer a host of needless ills, sufferings, misunderstandings and disappointments. This is the fact of man's low level of awareness.

He also states that 'humanity today in no way represents the peak of the species' evolution, which hasn't even met the half-way mark towards its evolutionary goal. The human being reveals himself as an incomplete structure, one that is only half-realised'.

In our present state we are under 'mass hypnosis' - falling in with the consensus of the mass mind without awakening or energising a sense of inner 'being'. Our situation is that 'the sleeper must awaken'.

Why shouldn't we be conscious of every present moment?

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