Thursday, August 23, 2007

Are We Real?

Are We Real? This is the central question in the Simulation Hypothesis - this is Nick Bostrom's hypothesis that we are living in a computer simulated universe similar to how artificial life operates within a computer. Now, this does kind of stamps all over notions of 'the human spirit' - yet in a strange way it still allows for ideas of 'spiritual' and 'conscious evolution' growth. Perhaps this represents the ultimate in Free Will - a simulation experiment that self-evolves into Intelligence. Whilst there is a deep part of my inner self that cannot accept the Simulation Hypothesis, I still enjoy the wrangles it produces, and like to dip my toes into these debates.

So below are extracts from YouTube that show, in total, a one hour program of the “What We Still Don’t Know” series from the UK’s Channel Four. In this one - Are We Real? - astronomer Martin Rees explains Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Hypothesis with interviews with cosmologists and philosophers. Let your simulation enjoy!

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