Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Against the Chip

I once gave a lecture on 'modernity' to a class of 80 undergraduates - I discussed eugenics and modern warfare as an existing 'enlightenment paradigm', based much on the book 'Al Qaeda and What It Means to Be Modern' by John Gray - then I casually mentioned an aside on the alleged role of IBM within the technologised war-machine of the Third-Reich, quoting Edwin Black's 'IBM and the Holocaust'.

Now - an update - it seems that IBM are behind Verichip's human chipping technology: from the punch-cards of the Second World War to bio-chipping of the 21st-Century. Now this is a much-discussed subject with grave implications for human liberty if 'chipping' ever came socialised, or implemented under protocols of national security.

There is also a new video that connects IBM with Verichip - its worth watching and it is called - 'IBM, Verichip, and the Fourth Reich'

Recently, it was reported that chips implanted into animals (original function of the bio-chipping) has been found to lead to tumors: read 'Chip implants linked to animal tumors'

Now: how would global (in)security; climate change; new world war; electromagnetic radiations; HAARP; Tesla technology; mobile-phone masts; bio-chipping all be connected...?

No idea....?!

How can humans ride 'The Shift' in consciousness-vibration increase if we're turned-off...

As Timothy Leary famously said - we must first 'Turn On'; then 'Tune In'; then...

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