Saturday, December 29, 2007

The End of 2007

Although I have been a little quiet of late I thought I would end 2007 with a little update...

In the previous 6 months especially I have been drawn more and more into channeling material. Although dipping into the Pleidian and Kyron channelings I was never overly drawn to them - now it seems a more appropriate time as I can relate the channeled material to my own inner experiences and have more of a discernment which is useful for such material. I have felt more of a kinship with the Arcturian channelings - I would recommend looking at

We, the Arcturians by Norma J. Milanovich, or

I am also seeing correspondences with the Ra Material - especially since it confirms much of what Gurdjieff hinted at.

I have found great resonances with the communications from the Arcturians, and have found their star-intelligence to correspond much with what I have previously aligned with. Until now I have been kept at bay from these communications until, no doubt, I was in a better place to recognise how they corresponded. On top of this I have also - very late - been familiarising myself with the Ra Material of the Law of One - again, this works very well with the Gurdjieff material I had been exposed to and they complement each other positively. I am beginning to discern a difference in material from 4th density star-intelligences from 5th/6th density star-intelligences...

Recently, in the past few months, I have been acquainting myself with Richard Leviton's work, his stargate work/writings, as well as similar earth-grid material. All this has been fitting in nicely with the Arcturian work, especially in terms of servicing the earth matrix. In 2008 I feel that I will spend some time visiting some of these grid-nodes and make a participation in the energy lines... I am expecting to take some time off academic work to make some visits - I have just acquired a GPS sat-nav to help me get around!

In short, 2008 will be a year of great change... and times of needed service towards the end of this evolutionary cycle. Time IS speeding up, with a confluence of polarity-energies creating disturbances in the earth changes.

May the New Year bring us all re-vitalising energies and blessings for New Directions, opportunities, and support: to usher in the Light for these accelerating times....

I await 2008 will expectations and acknowledgment of changing times. May we all work towards the Light and feel kinship.


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