Friday, March 28, 2008

A Stroke of Insight

A Stroke of Insight is Jill Taylor’s TED Talk - an 18 minute video of how experiencing a stroke can take the left-brain out of action and heighten the functioning of the right-brain.

This right-brain only presence is similar to transcendental experiences that take the person's perceptions out of their material-physical constraints/parameters and into collective consciousness. It is both an interesting - and powerful - performance from Jill Taylor as she weaves her experience into a message for choosing how to live our moments.

The techniques behind this right-brain activation have been known for centuries and have contributed to many esoteric traditions, whether in the form of mantras, prayer, dance, or specific 'teaching-stories' which seem odd (to the left-brain) but which impact upon the right-hemisphere.

It is a lesson that we can make a conscious decision to move away from the linear-programming inflicted upon us by social norms and conditioning, to shift towards a right-brain mode of behaviour of holistic, compassionate, creative, and 'flow' - literally, a new wavelength.


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