Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thinking the Breakthrough

Much of how we experience the future, specifically the coming earth changes, will rest upon how we perceive those changes. In other words, their context and meaning for us. For quite a while now I have been thinking to myself - if I believe that the future changes will bring a disruptive apocalyptic scenario, will this be exactly how I will experience it?

I am feeling/sensing this to be the case. All complex open systems (using the law of non-linear thermal dynamics) enter the end of a cycle whereby there is either a breakdown or a breakthrough - in the case here, both may happen. Yet whichever outcome we experience could very well be a result of which one we have been led to expect.

This is the fear equation - we are fearful, so we attract the negative circumstances: like attracts like.

And this fear equation has been holding down humanity for far too long.

Yes, be prepared - do not savour ignorance as bliss - attain knowledge of what the various agendas are for the upcoming earth changes - yet choose, as a sovereign individual, which future you wish to embrace. For myself, I wish to ride the breakthrough and not the breakdown.

Here is a quote I feel is relevant here:

...the light is all around you. You have only to set your intention, your group mind, to penetrate and disarm the perpetrators of ignorance. Know that, no matter how determined others might be to draw upon your power, darkness can only feed on darkness and that, we remind you, is nothing more than your fear, your ignorance and your rage. By remembering the structural nature of the dark pole, you can move through the coming Earth Changes without suffering and pain. It is your choice to make... it always has been...

...You can choose not to suffer in any way whatsoever the coming transformation; rather, you can anticipate with eagerness the process of re-birthing your planet, honoring your soul's intention to take part in that experience.

Extract from Atlantis Rising: The Struggle of Darkness and Light

Like never before, how and what we think will be of utmost importance to the future steps we take.


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