Monday, September 15, 2008

New Energies


These are times of transition as new energies impact upon the Earth. It will effect each of us in different ways. For some of us it will necessitate a change in our life circumstances as we feel an 'urge' - a need - to re-position ourselves for new growth. A lot of information is now coming out concerning 2012 - and much 'mish-mash' too. Everyone has to make up their own minds. For starters, I would direct people to read the new essay from David Wilcock over at Divine Cosmos titled '2012 Politics I: Grand Overview' - below is an excerpt:


Several other sources of data, some from ancient Hindu scriptures and others from insider witnesses, suggest that this big energy shift in 2011-2013 will be triggered by a monumental blast of energy from the Sun. The Mayan Calendar, according to the Law of One series, was a highly accurate system for measuring these natural cycles in the Earth, Sun and Galaxy, and was given to the Mayans by another sixth-density group assisting humanity thousands of years ago...

...Again, the whole game on Earth is about spiritual growth. That’s what we’re here for — and the hope, from the higher perspective, is to cultivate an environment where as many people will ‘graduate’ as possible...

...Our conclusion will be that strongly negative aspects of the world government are falling apart as we speak, and incredible synchronicities have been given that dovetail with hard data to validate the point. So, if you’re worrying about how things might turn out, relax your mind.

There will be various events that create shock, of course, but the overall trendline will continue flowing in a more and more positive direction. This is all part of the "shift" that is taking place.

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