Friday, October 17, 2008

The Story So Far...

Much has been happening in the external world, yet within me there has been increased silence. The posting on this blog has been reflective of this. Time for an update.

In the past this blog has posted frequently upon such issues as military technologies & paranormal warfare; mind control; black ops; UFO cover-ups and Disclosure; as well as discussions on spiritual evolution; global consciousness; shamanic practice and DNA programming; and transcendental matters.

This present time - in my understanding - is a 'War of Consciousness'. In brief, the finer energies are impacting upon the heavier energies of our earthly/solar physical dimension as part of a process of cosmic/solar/planetary/individual evolution. Yet this process is not wished by all. There are 'factions of control' that wish to sustain the heavier energies and dismantle the finer energies by anchoring in 'heavy thoughts'. These are thoughts of fear, worry, death, violence, anger, hatred, etc. The current global situation mirrors this process.

On one level it is about oil, resources, and physical global control. On another level - a much more subtle level - it is about creating conditions that produce heavy conscious energy as a barrier/wall against the incoming finer energies.

For this reason I have shifted the emphasis of this blog away from posts that manifest these 'heavier subjects'. There will be no more occult/black ops messages here. I do not wish to distract focus or attention away from what is the prime issue: our evolution.

The evolutionary process will not be halted by these desperate attempts to imprison consciousness. There is too much at stake. The energies of higher vibration have an immense power. According to my intuition, the 'intelligences' behind the evolutionary shift are a step ahead of the game. They know exactly what they are doing - and they are not worried. Neither should we. Just get with the game plan and do our job: that is, to increasingly anchor in the finer, incoming energies. We are needed in order to filter the energies into the physical earth, like transducers. In turn, we will be fine-tuned. Such a perspective can help to shift one's life situation.

I have recently left my promising academic career; moved my location; shifted myself into a space whereby my priorities are aligned with a positive future and not with 'the system'. Wherever I will be, it will be where I was meant to be. That is all I know. I have no knowledge of my future - no crystal ball - just great faith.

I will keep posting on this blog, yet I will leave 'global updates' to others far more qualified than me. There are some wonderful bloggers out there doing a magnificent job. I salute them all.

These days I have less to say. Less to get frustrated about. We all know we are in a prison. My attitude is not to smash against the wall: we were put 'on the inside' for a purpose: to take it apart brick by brick from the inside. We are the dismantlers. Keep the positive: enlarge it, grow it inside like you're a pot of fertilizer; meditate on it; send it out...send it out. And don't believe the hype. Yes, it is bad out there. Rocks are falling and heads will be smashed. Yet everything is in place for something momentous. Crazy, but a great time to be here.

We all know who we are.



Angela said...

Hi Kingsley, just wanted to touch base and say, hope you are well, and in a good place. Totally respect your flow, always appreciate your words.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you are right..... and those words DO help!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, you have just described exactly, the deep feelings I've been experiencing over the last approx., year. I read astrology and it too speaks of planetary forces that are jousting for power at this time and for a few years to come. Seems to be a choice between moving to a higher level of consciousness with all that this entails or the status quo ie., continuing downward spiral of negativity. Thankyou for sharing - with love.

Kingsley said...

Appreciate the comments: I feel well thanks - I even feel lighter! I'm just open to the future. I have no baggage anymore... just ready for shifting times - and continued positivity. Love - Kx

Anonymous said...

please share more on how you do dat