Wednesday, February 04, 2009

UPDATE: Institute for Human Continuity

I recently came across the Institute for Human Continuity. I posted:

It seems that the '2012 agenda' has just ratcheted up a notch by the 'sudden' arrival of an organization calling itself the Institute for Human Continuity.

This organization claims to have been operating and researching covertly for 30 years since its first meeting in November 1978 in New Zealand. Their history further claims that they are composed of powerful business leaders and former government officials. And that in 2008 they agreed to go public with their research and their future initiatives.

Their website is professionally produced and compelling. Yet each individual should approach with their own considerations.

It has been brought to my attention (thanks Simon!) that this is a viral campaign for the upcoming 2012 film. As stated by Wikipedia:

The studio also started a viral campaign which includes the launch of a website published by the fictional organization Institute for Human Continuity where visitors could register for a lottery number to be part of a small population that would be rescued from global destruction

Just corporate media doing their thing - need to be more vigilant!



Angela said...

All I can say is, Holy Crap, and thanks for the heads up. This is fascination information, Kingsley, thanks for sharing.

Simon Shrimpton said...

Hi Kingsley,

The IHC is a promotional website for the film 2012. Its a fictional organization to drum up a bit of publicity.

Sophia said...

I am also vulnerable to believing everything I see or hear about 2012, but I think it is because 2012 is so mysterious, and the whole idea of the spiritual journey is the venturing into realms unknown. With such ventures, the need is strong to make the unknown known, and hence it becomes easy to latch on to ideas about such things as 2012.