Saturday, June 27, 2009

Guided Evolution

It has been suggested that evolutionary progress on Earth has been a guided operation that has, so far, culminated in humankind. This process – it is conjectured[i] - has been achieved by making available at a planetary level a succession of energies, each higher in frequency than the one before. These conscious and creative energies have been ‘turned on’ sequentially in order to give rise to the entire evolutionary progression from molecule to man. The way these energies operate is by each new, higher, frequency being applied while planetary life is still struggling to adjust to the existing energetic level. Thus, each new ‘energetic stage’ is introduced long before living systems (including humankind) are fully deploying the current energy. In this way, evolutionary progression is constantly reaching for the next ‘energetic stage’[1]. However, at transition eras between energetic levels there often manifests disruption as differing energetic ‘zones’ collide, like quantum interference. At such times of interference great change is possible.

Through active awareness of these transformative times humanity is able to process higher/finer forms of energy streaming into the Earth. It can be said that sufficient numbers of ‘receptive individuals’ are needed to transmute, and transmit, certain energies; especially during these times when such energies seem to be increasingly radiating ‘our cosmic sector’. A critical mass of humanity is required to start awakening to aid the process of planetary and human evolution. It does not require a majority - for this will never be reached in time - it only requires quality. A ‘sleeping mass’ (i.e. an unaware humanity) does not transmit energy well. Such energies are thrown off into physical and emotional attachments, and distracted into other social channels. As the writer Frank Herbert so masterfully said in Dune: ‘the sleeper must awaken’.

One of the highest forces at our disposal is conscience and unconditional Love. It sometimes seems that the Earth is degenerating, or devolving, from human life lacking the receiving and transmitting of such forces and energies. This capacity needs to be provoked and stimulated within people; and it may be that the coming years will inspire renewed activation and growth, as periods of transition often ‘shock’ people out of their everyday stupor and into re-invigorated appreciation and gratitude. It is often the case that humanity is coaxed and coerced along its optimum evolutionary line by contrived situations, which involve chaos and suffering, before regeneration can occur. As Duane Elgin writes:

It is the immense suffering of millions - even billions - of precious human beings coupled with the widespread destruction of many other life-forms that will burn through our complacency and isolation. Needless suffering is the psychological and psychic fire that can awaken our compassion and fuse individuals, communities, and nations into a cohesive and consciously organized global civilization.[ii]

It is fair to say that the Earth is in ecological crisis and humanity is in spiritual crisis - and that a similar response is required for both as the two crises are fundamentally tied to the same source. Humanity needs to rapidly develop, not just physically but psychologically and spiritually as ‘time’ is both speeding up and running out simultaneously. Our lack of conscious contribution may be said to be behind much of our life dissatisfaction and disconnection. Yet we can connect: the cords are in place; we need only to ask, reach out, and to sincerely offer our intentions to do so. These unprecedented times that we now find ourselves in are ripe opportunities for personal growth, knowledge and understanding. Why? Because we are now, as a planetary species, moving through a historic civilizational shift. And during such times how we think is of paramount importance.

[1] A good analogy of how these ‘energetic stages’ exist alongside each other can be found in Doris Lessing’s masterful novel ‘Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five’

[i] Scott, E. (1985) The People of the Secret. London: Octagon Press.

[ii] Elgin, D. (1993) Awakening Earth: Exploring the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness. New York: William Morrow & Company.

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