Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Internal Talk

'We talk to ourselves incessantly about our world. In fact we maintain our world with our internal talk. And whenever we finish talking to ourselves about ourselves and our world, the world is always as it should be. We renew it, we rekindle it with life, we uphold it with our internal talk. Not only that, but we also choose our paths as we talk to ourselves. Thus we repeat the same choices over and over until the day we die, because we keep on repeating the same internal talk over and over until the day we die.'

Castaneda - 'The Wheel of Time'

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Angela said...

Yes, we create our world as we ponder our individual dilemmas and realities. Yes. But - - to be careful of the dialog, to be aware of the paths we choose as we talk to ourselves, yes? To be wary of the outer voices - which we often misinterpret as inner - that come not from love? To be careful not to repeat the same negative talk, so we don't have to repeat the same things over and over? To create dialog that lifts us above our grudges and insecurities - yes. To talk ourselves down the path of Truth, yes.

Thanks Kingsley, hope you are doing well. I am less frequent online too but let's stay in touch. :)