Wednesday, November 24, 2010

War of Consciousness

For long periods of human history there has been active forces penetrating our world that seek to keep humanity ‘asleep’ and distracted from themselves. Also, that these forces are aware of the true power of human consciousness and that the social power structures used to influence and manipulate the masses would collapse if true human potential were to be exercised. Therefore, in the pursuit of control and power certain forces active upon the Earth aim to artificially suppress the natural evolution of human consciousness.

Humanity is caught in a struggle and our consciousness is the battleground. It may come as unnerving news to some to hear that humanity is constantly being bombarded by forces and events beyond our control. This does not make us impotent however; all natural organisms are under the influence of external forces. Yet with humanity there are also other forces at work. These forces are deliberate, more often than not manmade, and manipulate with intent. They aim to persuade if possible, and coerce if necessary. It is these forces that seek to target the remaining spaces where humanity has a modicum of ‘free choice’ and ‘free will’. To some degree these forces are part of the requirements of civilization: to shepherd and organize a burgeoning population. Yet over and above this there exist exploitative forces that work against the laws of conscious evolution. It is these forces, and the need to overcome them, that form a core theme of our times.

The perpetual battlefield is what we know as our everyday lives: our education, our work, our leisure, our emotional and spiritual well-being, and our conscious thinking. Yet the armaments of this struggle are not guns, tanks, airplanes, bombs, or battle-cruisers. It is much more subtle than this. It is less hardware and more software. It is, in effect, a very silent war. And it is a war which, I hope to show, is even more important than the tragic physical scourges occurring on our beautiful planet. It is a war that targets not only the present but also the very long-term future(s) of our civilization. And it has been going on for as long as humankind has existed on planet Earth. What is this war? It is a battle for our minds – how we think. In short, it is the war of consciousness.

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