Monday, January 23, 2012


What a journey it has been! I started this blog on Sunday, March 2nd, 2003. In that first post I wrote:

Between Both Worlds (BBW) is a site that will hope to share information about a search that is both individual and yet collective. It is the search for meaning, Truth, and understanding. Many have taken this path, and many will continue to do so. I am no exception. It is only that thanks to the new modern age of information communication technologies, there is the possibility for a greater depth of connectivity between all global peoples. As our global world develops towards an increasingly precipitous future, there is greater need in preserving the tradition of spiritual understanding and awareness of our evolutionary role within a much larger, universal context. With the enveloping capitalist modus operandi, material consumerism is taking attention away from a contemplative life. Moments of introspection, consideration, questioning, leave us as the world moves towards pleasure principles of external stimulation. Hence the title of this site refers to the maxim 'Of the world yet not of the world': the call for one to acknowledge that the path towards understanding must be taken within society and not in a reclusive setting. Likewise, it also calls for the strength to be separate from the immersion in purely material attachments.

What I will post on this site will be reflections, poetry (both old and new) and mirrorings of my own journey as it too continues to unfold. My friends will be able to check the site when and if they wish; newcomers are most welcome, as are responses and contact. Again, to reiterate, this is only a humble offering of an individual contribution. What is most important is that the new social ordering of connectivity can be made use of to proliferate ideas, thoughts, and understanding between as many like-minded people as possible. The future is not a distant relic, it is built upon our moments now. What gives us meaning is how we choose to make use of our moments, now.


This message has remained true throughout the existence of BBW...all nearly 9 years of it. Now we are in the beginning of 2012 - so another 'Welcome'.

Now that I am within the next phase of the journey I have instigated a shift. I will not be blogging any more on this site - all my material, blogs, essays, news, etc, will be posted over in one location: at my HOMEPAGE.

Please visit the Kingsley Dennis homepage to read my latest thoughts, and to sign up for my monthly newsletter which shall begin January 2012. The BBW site will remain up so that it's archives, links, and useful material/information may remain accessible to all.

Now, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been a visitor and friend of BBW - it has been a pleasure!

The story continues....

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Bluebell said...

Thank you Kingsley for this site, it was and it is a great place to wondering aournd - looking for this and that!

The very best whishes for the new site! I hope that All these resources will be accessable!! Please! :-)