Wednesday, June 04, 2003

One of the most difficult areas of our lives is in the need to find a connection, and belonging with one's sense of existence. It almost feels as if we are disparate parts, floating like loose corks upon a never-ending ocean. This is an existence without vision, without faith. The sense of belonging which exists as a fundamental aspect of each of our lives is inherent within. It is often the recognition that is lacking.

The lack often comes from a cruelty towards oneself. We are harsh towards ourselves, and too negative towards our weaknesses. We act like judge and jury upon our own faults: and we consider this a duty to reprimand ourselves. Not so. It is often an unconscious desire to cause some suffering towards ourselves that creates our inner tensions. If we do not suffer, we are not truly experiencing our faults and weaknesses. This needs to be overcome. We are a species undergoing a tremendous and now rapid evolution. We need to be mindful, aware, and observant. Yet as a self-guide, not as a jailer.

Our sense of connection comes from understanding our place within the grand web of all living systems. All parts of the physical world make a unified whole. A whole that is greater than its parts, yet incorporating all. Through feeling an inclusion in all natural processes, we can also feel an involvement.

There is no separateness. Every manifestation is in communion. Every affect has its myriad effects. Every thought and emotion its plethora of counterparts. Life is inclusion. And faith is courage in this.

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