Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The difficulty we find ourselves in at the present time is that our global society is in the midst of a dramatic shift - as significant as was the Enlightenment shift from a heliocentric worldview to a humanistic one - from religion to science as the main body of knowledge. This mind-set of the separation between mind and body, the Cartesian view of a mechanistic, clock-work universe, governed by fundamental laws, is shifting.

We are moving towards an understanding that in order for our planet to cope with the changes on a global level, we need - as a species - to incorporate a way of thinking that sees global society as an interlinked web, where every action affects an outcome, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Progress is not linear - nor constant or inevitable.

Information is the new energy that propels us forward - and this new lingua franca is becoming more widely dispersed and available, thus empowering people to see themselves as agents of change.

We need a change in our perception - new biology tells that in contrast to stories of evolution through competition and strength, evolution works on symbiotic relationships and co-operation. Inter-cellular communication and genes transfer is done through co-operation in information sharing. Shouldn't this be the metaphor for the new global society? Afterall: 'As Above, So Below'.

Evolution uses the same models in all spheres of development. Man's hubris has denied this up until now. If we wish to push further towards an enlightened evolution, we must embrace this model and feed ourselves through shared information.

Change begins with one's own mind-set and worldview. As the Delphic inscription read: 'Know Thyself'

This is a beginning.

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