Monday, August 04, 2003

The scientist-philosopher Ervin Laszlo has stated: "that the brain would be sensitive to the psi-field, the interactive face of the quantum vacuum, follows from the postulates of our unified interactive dynamics - it is not likely that the neural networks of the human brain, a chaotic and extremely sensitive signal-analysing system, should be an exception". Using the psi-field for transpersonal recall, Laszlo believes that this explains the following phenomena:
- telepathic communication between individuals
- pastlife recollections
- natural healing, and
- simultaneous insights among individuals as well as between cultures.
(Ervin Laszlo, 'The Creative Cosmos', Floris Books, 1993 - see also Laszlo's 'The Whispering Pond, Shambala, 1996)

Looking at earlier thinkers in this area, such as Teilhard de Chardin and numerous sci-fi writers (Sturgeon's 'More Than Human') - there are suggestions that the next stage of evolution shall be a mutation in consciousness towards a state that has been outlined by the new emerging sciences: one that involves a conscious participation with the psi-field of the quantum vacuum (see post below).

It should not be surprising then when modern reputable academics begin exploring and supporting this thesis: 'The Future of Human Consciousness' by Professor Charles Laughlin and Sheila Richardson (Director of Strategic Intelligence Programs for the Global Management Bureau) is a good example of a recent approach. This thesis sees a possible evolution of the human brain through the cerebral cortex - 'the advance in cortical development that provides the increased structural complexity leading to a more complex consciousness among humans'.

Such an increase in cognitive thinkers should lead to more abstract thought in terms of global futures: the article refers to the new species as 'Homo gestalt': "homo gestalt will assuredly act, and interact, but action will not be constrained by by a conceptualised self-view...rather, social interaction will flow with events and in response to need, particularly in response to the exigencies of personal development...which in turn will be in harmony with cosmic will".

By all emerging accounts, we are, as a species, within a period of profound evolutionary transformation to the next stage: from life to conscious evolution.

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