Monday, August 04, 2003

Understanding of the mind has now reached new heights - the emerging new paradigm of the mind links it with matter, life, and cosmology to form a more holistic understanding. Separate fields of knowledge and study is more a reflection of how we, as perceiving the separate nature of our 'reality', approach an analysis and categorisation of knowledge. Rarely does mainstream knowledge see each field as complimentary rather than competative. Like a jigsaw, each field can help towards clarifying the larger picture - now that the picture is forming we may finally see how integrated are all our fields of natural and moral philosophy.

The emerging new science has begun to concentrate upon the phenomenom of the so-called '5th-field' and the underlying quantum vacuum. Basically, the quantum vacuum is the modern day equivalent of the 'ether' theory that there was a universal permeation that was the background to space. That the universe is permeated through with a medium that connects and binds all has been one of the areas that physicists have looked at in order to account for a Grand Unified Theory. Without entering the formulations, it has been implied that there is a more fundamental level of reality, one that underlies our own mapping of the universe. The universe, in this new paradigm, is merely the waves that roll across an ocean: the ocean itself, is the quantum vacuum. This would imply that our universe is neither unique, nor singular. Rather, universes themselves have been brough forth from this quantum vacuum multiple times until the 'universal constants' have been tuned to a precise degree in which to support life as we know it. The interacting field between the quantum vacuum and our physical universe is this 5th field (named as the psi-field by some scientists). This 'psi-field' permeates all physical reality and thus has implications in non-local consciousness. That is, if all reality is but the surface of an ocean, then all the drops of this water-surface is in fact in 'touch' with itself - just as a ripple spreads out from its centre to its periphery. If the resonance of the ripple is strong enough, it can reach farther. Likewise, if one's mind and consciousness is atuned, it can resonate with other minds. If other minds are receptive to this, we have thought-transference. Once again, science proves to be the new mysticism. Ignorance obscures, whereas knowledge brings forth.

This quantum vacuum also suggests itself to be holographic, and thus capable of retaining all known events - or, as we would call them, memories. Imagine an ocean that could memorise each ripple and resonance that manifested on its surface? Akashic records indeed! Thus, both our behaviour and our thoughts are important in that it could be that each one is imprinted upon this holographic quantum vacuum. If all reality has access to these records, then the implications for consequences of such resonances are great. Never before, it seems, has science explained the need for good thoughts and deeds within a cosmological framework.

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