Saturday, October 04, 2003

In a work published in 1999 titled EARTHDANCE: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris - available online - she writes the following:

"DNA is virtually the oldest thing in Earth's evolution still alive on its surface -- propagating itself from the beginning in an unbroken chain, as surface rock transformed into endless creatures, who recycled it in turn into sediments that were subducted back into the magma of origin by great tectonic plates. All the while, DNA's species came and went, playing their roles and then disappearing, while it continued the dance.

There is little reason to think, from a biological perspective, that humans will change the pattern of species flux and survive for the rest of the life of our planet without further evolving. We haven't even the patience to wait for natural evolutionary changes, but are impatient to redesign our own DNA. What does this urgency signify? Do we sense that we are on the brink of a huge new leap in evolution? Do we think altering our own biology, rather than exercising our consciousness, is the way to get there?"

This questions our method of achieving accelerated change, or growth in consciousness/intelligence - yet it also, like other works highlighted previously, acknowledges the wealth of information that is now pointing towards this 'huge new leap in evolution'. The signs can no longer be ignored. Instead we should endeavour to learn how to incorporate them into an ethical path for accelerated conscious evolution.

How to go about this is where we need discussion. Finally, we are in an age where the barriers between religion and science are merging. Science is bringing to the fore new understanding that only a century ago would not only be thought of as heretical but also as mysticism. Lets drop our primate conditioning and learn to learn again, through wider lens.

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