Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Timothy Leary, although overlooked in his work due to adverse publicity regarding his experimentation with LSD, was ahead of his time in some of his social comments. As a result of his research into mind/consciousness expansion through reimprinting of neural circuits he was made to be aware of both the power of social conditioning and, more importantly, the power in the human species to self-advance their own evolution. In his work titled 'Info-Psychology' we have the following insightful passage:

“The biological “master plan” of organic evolution located in DNA directs the unfolding of the circuits of the nervous system. One major goal of life is for the individual to becomes Increasingly Intelligent in order to decode somatic signals within the body, within the nervous system itself, signals from the DNA code and metaphysiological neuro-atomic energy patterns. The history of life and of humanity is best defined in terms of the evolution of the nervous system and of knowledge technologies.”

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