Friday, January 30, 2004

Part of the journey of inner development is about attaining the correct balance: in our mental, emotional, and physical worlds. Since consciousness is the core of all materiality, then our mental, emotional, and physical spheres are merely the different states of consciousness. In this respect there is the great possibility of being dominant in one area for the detriment of others. We see this in ourselves and others: we may be too intellectual and suppress our emotional nature, or let the emotional centre steer us and over-ride mental common-sense.

Evolution is not so much a linear progression towards some 'end-point' but rather an expansion that incorporates all that we already have known, and more. By moving forward, this gives us the false 'human' impression that we are leaving things behind - evolution is rather an expansion that incorporates and not an acquiring and discarding step. Think of our brains, how since our earliest reptilian brain, at the base, has been added to successively as our species developed - we still have that reptilian brain deep within is - we have incorporated it within our expansion. So too is our awareness of conscious evolution an integration of the constant evolutionary process that has brought us to this point from our earliest cosmic beginnings.

What is important about the next stage is that we can participate as conscious actors. Yet to do so requires that we expand our thought processes, our mental set, our spiritual being, and expand our understanding of universal processes. One path requires inward travel: the other requires that we balance our outer lives so that all our faculties are in a harmonious relationship. We are neither too intellectual, emotional, or physical; nor are we too introvert or extrovert.

Nothing is separate -this is another fallacy. All is joined together: everything that exists is in constant interaction with multiple forces. In this sense we all affect each other - yet if you're looking for the won't find them.

There is nothing to lose but your self - and this is the self of separateness. There is nothing to fear except fear itself. Our conscious environment is inherently connected in all and every sense - nothing is left out. What we require is an expansion of understanding to incorporate this new perceptual paradigm. Everything we do comes back to us for all living, experience, thoughts, and emotions are entwined.

So, with right thought and right action we can influence both near, far, connected, and seemingly unconnected events and further this connectedness. It is about contact with the greater whole - maintain, and continue to maintain that contact - it is truly an expansion of the self into the Self.

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