Sunday, November 21, 2004

An interesting phenomena of note, which I've recently been drawn to, in my own searches connecting physiology with inner development, is the issue concerning 'imaginal cells' : here, we supposedly have cells that vibrate at a different frequency from our regular cells. At first these cells are destroyed by the immune system which considers them as foreign cells. however, when they have multiplied sufficiently they enable a transformation to occur in the physical body that can be a further stage of biological transformation. These cells are supposedly responsible for the caterpillar's metamorphosis into a butterfly. For some interesting comments on this, see 'Are We All Butterflies?'

You also wish to do a search for Norie Huddle's book 'Butterfly' which, in a non-academic yet playful way, outlines this - although it's a hard to find book, it seems - at least in the UK.

Another website-article which discusses this, I've found, is at the 'ThinkHolistic' site, from which the quote below is taken:

"Imaginal cells have an encoding program, and when is time for them to awaken they proliferate until they begin to resonate en mass.

It is my sense that most of us possess an awareness of these Imaginal cells at the subliminal level of consciousness and that if we are doing deep inner work then the evolved self can be ready to awaken within us to their presence if we ask for the decoding of these cells. As we become aware of Imaginal cells we actually learn, grow, become stronger, and evolve. "

Although the 'holistic' site has a different take on the role and function of these cells, it adds to their overall presence. If anyone has more info on imaginal cells, I would be grateful to learn of it.

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