Saturday, November 06, 2004

To add what was written in the last post - about the water molecules that change - I have finally found the reference to it. It is a book called 'Hidden Messages in Water' by Masaru Emoto. The synopsis states that:

"The Hidden Messages In Water explores water's susceptibility to human words, emotions and thoughts. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has been researching this new field of science by freezing samples of water that have been exposed to either positive or negative words, emotions and music. Through photographs Dr. Emoto has found that water exposed to positive influences produces beautiful, perfectly formed crystals, while water exposed to negativity produces ugly, malformed crystals. Because the worls and our bodies are both composed of 70per cent water, the power to change the essence of water means that humans have the power to evoke change on a global or personal scale, by way of water."

This sounds like an interesting avenue to explore. I shall certainly be obtaining a copy soon.

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