Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Life Ahead

Thinker Ray Kurzweil, whom I have discussed several times, has an impressive lecture - PowerPoint - How We Can Manage Our Way Through the Intertwined Promise and Peril of Accelerating Change - which was a keynote address at the Program for 1st Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology.

Kurzweil's dense 88-slide lecture discusses, amongst other things, the future trajectory of human-machine convergence. For 2010 he predicts the following:

- Images written directly to our retinas
- Ubiquitous high bandwidth connection to the Internet at all times
- Electronics so tiny it’s embedded in the environment, our clothing, our eyeglasses
- Full immersion visual-auditory virtual reality
- Augmented real reality
- Interaction with virtual personalities as a primary interface
- Effective language technologies

Again, a shift that indicates a global super-organism that is continously connected to a hypergrid, or terramesh network of increasing intelligence.

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