Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Web - New Us

Much is being said about how the Web & Net is being used and transformed. Business Week have a good overview article called 'It's A Whole New Web' which looks at how the once more consumer-driven Web is changing into a more 2-way creative Web.

This is true - take blogging for example: we can all become self-publishers. We take, edit, adapt, information. We receive, store, utilise, and pass on information and energy. According to biology, these are the core characteristics and features of living systems. Does this mean we are behaving as a vast single living system?

Why not? Yet we are not yet co-ordinated enough to call ourselves a whole. Our electrical signals are connecting, but not yet our nervous systems. Our body's DNA is resonating with its own biophotons, not with others.

We need to strive to become more creative, less automated, and follow the path that opens up for us rather than the one provided by the system.

Remember the slogan: 'You're laughing at me because I'm different. Yet I'm laughing at you because you're all the same'

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