Sunday, March 04, 2007


I thought the concept of 'Militainment' was a useful idea to take a look at, especially since there is a worthwhile video that examines this - University of Georgia professor Roger Stahl has his Militainment site that links to his video titled Militainment, Inc:

Militainment, Inc. is a nine-part critical investigation of the militarization of popular culture. The pieces of the puzzle - from video games to reality TV - combine to form a larger picture of the integration of entertainment and military affairs. The film asks: How has war taken its place as an entertainment spectacle? and What does this mean for the ability of our democracy to consider this most destructive of human activities?

This well-constructed video can be downloaded from Stahl's own site above or in easy 10 minute clips on YouTube here


SCOTT said...

Shock and Awe 'em. It is the wreck on the highway everyone slows down to see,, gore sells better than sex I believe sometimes. Our addiction to blood and guts is surely a problem that needs addressing by our most learned psychologist and wise men and women....hmmmmm,,,,, were are they?? most likely in this show,,, giving pop psych pitches.
I have noticed how the commercials for the armed forces are so sickly manipulative in their,,, BE SOMEBODY messages.
I hope more young kids realize that at least at the moment Armed forces can't draft,, and stay away,,,
but it is economical for the young to join,, they need educations and money,, and of course everyone wants to see the world,,,, WHILE IT IS STILL HERE!!!
and hell you get to bomb the hell out of some Muslims while you are at it... what more could a good Christian want??? Armegeddon on REALITY TV.

Kingsley said...

Yep - real death becomes a spectacle and a video game... Reality is blurred and packaged and sold as fun...

we consume, consume, consume - and pay for the arms-economy...

we've been baited and hooked... :-?