Saturday, March 10, 2007

Toward Homo Noeticus

John White refers to himself as a 'consciousness researcher' and he considers that humanity and the earth have the makings of a promising future together. He feels that the form of human being that will be here to participate is a primate of a very different order than the human as we know it today. He calls it Homo noeticus —the next step in human evolution:

So yes, we face various crises, but my recent research and my personal experience tell me that we will make it through those crises. That is part of the grand design of creation. That is part of the intelligent purpose behind the universe. God didn't bring us forth through five million years of human evolution to snuff us out just like that. We have the means; we have the potential to deal with crises in an intelligent way, which is aligned with the teleological drive that we have for self-transcendence.

But it's not absolutely certain, as far as I can see. We could OD as a planet, so to speak. I don't think we will. We have weathered many, many crises in our long history, and I see all sorts of hopeful signs telling me that we will weather these too. In fact, as a friend of mine said, "Hope is an acronym for Help Our Planet Evolve." And I am ever hopeful.

Read the full interview with John White here


Anonymous said...

Hi Kingsley! How are you my dear friend?
Thats a fabulous read!
Homo-! To think they even have named it!

There is only one thing about the article I don't agree with.

" God didn't bring us forth through five million years of human evolution to snuff us out just like that"

How many civilizations have been "snuffed out" prior to us? SEVERAL !

And how much more spiritually/ consciously evolved were they than us? In my opinion,far more!

love always Zoe xxx

Kingsley said...

Hi Zoe - lovely to have your presence...

Yes, there have been others before our present stage...yet in some ways we have always been a continual evolutionary project... its not about 'Us' as we are now...

its like the Olympic Flame that gets passed around by each runner... our Spirits seek the return Eternal...

Warmth to you!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, thats a nice way to look at it Kingsley, you seem very optomistic about the future for us!
May I ask whos project you think we are?

Zoe xxx