Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beyond Terror

Here's an interesting read - and can be done in a couple of hours - a very concise yet one of the best summaries currently depicting the geo-political situation/mess.

The Oxford Research Group has published “Beyond Terror: The Truth About the Real Threats to Our World”. The report focus on the disproportionate attention given to terrorism compared to the imminent threat from environmental degradation, competition over resources, “marginalisation of the majority world” and global militarisation. Some facts:

In 2001 in the US alone the number of Americans killed from the following:

Malnutrition - 3, 500
HIV/Aids - 14, 000
Pneumonia - 62, 000
Heart disease - 700, 000+
Suicide - 30, 000+
Traffic accidents - 42, 000+
Fire-arms related - 30, 000
Homicides - 20, 000+

International terrorism - around 2, 500

If you don't wish to buy the hard copy for £3.99 from Amazon.uk - then read the entire report for free - here.


Anonymous said...

Terrorism = Fear in poulation = Control of population!

I am suspicious of how much is 'created' in order to generate the fear? perhaps this is why they spend so much on it? Will read this book for sure, Thanks.


Anonymous said...

(ps have commented on past posts in case you haven't scrolled down Hehehe)

Kingsley said...

Hi Neo!

Indeed - Fear has mostly been a device for manipulating the mind field of mass humanity - this is a feedback loop which feeds itself and increases the negative vibrations in the etheric field.

This post was about how the physical aspect of the war on terror was being analysed - the exoteric front!